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Do It Yourself Trapping – The Disadvantages Of Live Trap Methods

Raccoon Trapping
This raccoon was trapped by a do-it-yourself homeowner in a “humane” live trap. After 2.5 hours in the trap, it had injured itself so badly that the homeowner took it to a wildlife rehabilitator for medical attention. Note the skin and fur worn off the head and how bloody the raccoon’s hands got from trying to get out in that short amount of time.

One of the first things people want to do when they discover they have a wildlife problem is trap the animal, destroy or relocate it and then patch up the damage. However, there are several disadvantages to this kind of do it yourself trapping. For starters, it only offers a temporary solution.

For instance, with trapping – whether you do it yourself or a professional pest control company does it – is the fact that simply removing the critter will just make room for new wildlife to move into the vacated territory, and you will soon have a new hole in your building and a new problem on your hands. Consequently, trapping will likely end up costing you more money than if you had done it the right way, the humane way, from the very start.

Another problem with do it yourself trapping, as seen in the injured squirrel photo to the right, is that a so called “live traps” can actually injure and harm the animal causing them a great deal of pain, suffering and distress.

baby squirrels in atticbaby raccoons
Do it yourself wildlife removal often kills baby animals that smell bad. Baby animals are often left behind when trapping is used as a wildlife removal method, especially with squirrels and raccoons. Note how small these baby squirrels are. Rest assured, they will smell a lot longer than you realize and if they are in a wall or tough to get to place, holes will need to be cut to remove them. Often times, young raccoons will roam all over the house and die in five different areas, mandating a lot of holes being cut to remove all the dead babies. We use different methods in order to manipulate the mothers into moving their young out of your attic or crawl space before we do repairs.

live-trap-trapping-injuryIn addition to that, in most states it is illegal to do the trapping portion on your own, even with a hunting license. Laws from state to state will vary, but most have some rules, and they are sometimes difficult to find and you may be quite surprised to discover which critters you cannot trap. It’s true that stores will sell traps just the same, but no – they will not tell you that you cannot legally trap your own critters or wildlife.

It is interesting how improper trapping and relocation can make our job difficult at times. When improper do it yourself trapping methods are tried and failed that animal is now more cautious and much smarter. Even when the trapping process is apparently successful the relocation process can be problematic for the area to which it is relocated and/or to the wild animal itself. The animal may cause havoc for those residing in the new area, upset the balance of that environment or simply be unable to cope with it’s new location.

pet-caught-in-trapDo it yourself trapping and live traps can also harm curious children and can attract and catch non-intended targets including yours or your neighbor’s beloved pets. Something you definitely don’t want to do.
When it comes to trapping, somebody will lose. Wildlife control is better left to trained Wildlife Management Professionals who utilize proven methods to keep animals out. The Skunk Whisperer knows how to eliminate your wildlife issues with methods that are humane, long lasting and cost effective.

Additional Information On The Problems With Trap & Relocate Methods

Info on the disadvantages of trapping and relocation methods can be found extensively throughout this site.
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squirrel-trap-disadvantagesTrapping Squirrels: The Disadvantages Of The Traditional Squirrel Trap
Eye opening photos and information on the typical squirrel trap and why they are not our preferred method of choice, including the suffering they can cause and the not so humane downside to the live trap and relocate methods utilized by many companies today. The downside of live traps and trap and relocate methods is covered here as well.


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