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September 15, 2014: “Skunks are plentiful and raising a stink in central Oklahoma this year”
NewsOK Coverage and Tulsa World Coverage

ABC News Coverage (video)

Tulsa World 2011  News on 6 2011  KTUL Channel 8 Video  KOTV 6 Video  Claremore News

Discovery Press Release  New York Times Article

Meet The Skunk Whisperer: great footage showing Bruha in action as seen on Explore Tulsa

Interview with Oklahoma Homes: Humane Animal Removal Process: an Interview with Ned Bruha of The Skunk Whisperer

National And International Coverage

baby-raccoons-pepsi-storySkunk Whisperer Ned Bruha and his humane wildlife control techniques are becoming increasingly popular, nationally and internationally, with coverage spanning the globe from Boston to Berlin to Beijing and back.

The Raccoon’s In The Pepsi Machine: Also recently in the international news, the Skunk Whisperer was called upon to rescue some young raccoons residing in an apartment complex Pepsi machine. The popular story was seen worldwide by over 6,000,000 people and was featured on the front page of Yahoo and AOL, covered by the Associated Press and on international TV by CNN, CBS, NBC and Keith Oblermann.

CNN  CBS News  The Associated Press  Keith Oblermann  KOTV Video

This raccoon story was big not only nationally, but was particularly popular around the world with fan mail pouring in from as far away as China and Israel.

Animal Planet Story Coverage:
animal planet logo

A Letter from the President “…the type of behavior I mentioned is not reflective of our business models and our missions, and is simply not tolerated, yet we cannot control what is filmed, edited, and being shown on TV.” – Betsey Bruha, President of the Skunk Whisperer read the entire letter

The Story Of The Young Raccoons In The Pepsi Vending Machine

Two darling juvenile raccoons had decided to make their home in a vending machine next to an urban apartment swimming pool. The Skunk Whisperer was called upon to remedy the situation without harming the raccoons. A Pepsi vendor helped safely open the machine so The Skunk Whisperer could remove the raccoons with as little stress as possible. After some quiet coaxing, the Skunk Whisperer was able to gently remove the endearing youngsters and take them to a local wildlife rehabilitator to be prepared for release.

barn-owl-storyThe Barn Owls In The Chimney An Oklahoma City family presented local OKC area Skunk Whisperer® wildlife professional Chris Greenlee with an interesting situation – federally protected barn owls living and raising their young in the family’s chimney. The owls had been terrorizing the neighborhood, damaging homes with their talons and leaving droppings and a mess in their path. Greenlee was able to gently evict the birds and give them a nearby owl house to call their own. read the full story


canada-goose-storyRescuing The Goose Shot By An Arrow After reading about a goose found in a suburban Tulsa neighborhood with an arrow shot through its chest, the local Skunk Whisperer® team sprung into action. Previous attempts by others to catch the injured bird had been unsuccessful but after some patient pursuit by Stormy Cole, Ned and Betsey Bruha, the goose was caught and gently transported to a wildlife rehabber, thankfully it’s expected to live to enjoy another day on the pond. read the full story


A Bear In A Tree An Oklahoma woman was awakened in the pre-dawn hours by her dogs to discover a bear in a tree just outside her home. Within hours a team of experts including Ned Bruha had been assembled to help. Tulsa Zoo personnel tranquilized, captured and treated the bear. Eventually, the bear was transported by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation to an undisclosed location and released back into the wild. Claremore Progress News Story  Channel 6 Coverage

Skunk in Peanut Butter JarThe Skunk And The Peanut Butter Jar You may have seen the latest internationally covered story about The Skunk Whisperer’s adventures on the CBS Morning Show, MSNBC, BBC, The Bonnie Hunt Show, YouTube or your local TV station. The story is about a skunk who got his head stuck in a peanut butter jar while searching for something to eat. The Skunk Whisperer was called in to help the skunk get free from his predicament – the humane way – without the skunk getting hurt or overly stressed out from the rescue process. A little gentle handling and the skunk was soon freed unharmed, happy, and on his way home.

The Skunk with the Peanut Butter Jar: One of our most popular media stories, the skunk with the peanut butter jar stuck on his head was also featured in an episode on Animal Planet’s Weird, True and Freaky. Although Ned commented “it was less dramatic in person than it appeared on the show.” read the full story

Bats in the Alva Parking GarageBats In The Alva Parking Garage Bats in an Alva, Oklahoma parking garage recently stirred up quite the controversy among wildlife officials and bat conservationists. A bank parking garage in the town had become home to over 700 bats, including juveniles. The bank wanted to tear down the building, however, there was a lot of controversy over when and how to do it. Bat conservation proponents including Skunk Whisperer Ned Bruha were opposed to the bank’s decision resulting in protests and an eventual arrest for Ned Bruha. read the full story

A Widely Recognized Humane Wildlife Management Professional

The Skunk Whisperer has been featured many times in magazines, newspapers and on television, radio, and the internet, in a wide range of stories covering topics from urban foxes to bats invading government buildings. KOTV TV described Ned as “a different breed” and KTUL said “He has the look of a safari guy, the eyes of a naturalist, and the persona of Ace Ventura meets Dirty Harry. He is The Skunk Whisperer”. Flash News, the pop culture wire for media professionals described Ned as… “Skunk Whisperer ‘frenemy’ to critters. One good ol country boy has molded himself into one the greatest animal ‘trappers’ of all time.”

Article In Tulsa People Magazine Tulsa People – The Living Green Issue – “Live And Let Live” The prestigious Tulsa People Magazine featured The Skunk Whisperer® Ned Bruha in their special edition “Living Green” issue, in an interesting article on prevention, Live and Let Live, authored by The Skunk Whisperer® himself, covering Oklahoma’s troublesome critters and how to prevent them the humane way.

Other Media Coverage – Helping People With Their Wildlife Problems – The Humane Way
More and more people are seeking out truly humane wildlife management methods for their wildlife issues, Bruha’s expertise is highly valued in the industry and his stories shared with millions through the media.

The Journal Record – Tulsa Based Skunk Whisperer Spots Success A nice article about Ned Bruha and The Skunk Whisperer® Inc., including why Ned chose a career as a wildlife control professional, where the name came from and his upcoming Animal Planet series.

Ten People To Watch in 2011 An online article featuring their pick for ten people to watch in 2011, including Skunk Whisperer Ned Bruha.

The Tulsa World – Rabies In Bats Is On The Wing An article published by the The Tulsa World in October 2009 about rabies in bats being on the rise in the area. In the article, Skunk Whisperer Ned Bruha offers his input and expertise on the subject. Please note, that Bruha is misquoted as saying that “Bats can get through holes that are a quarter of an inch wide”, but rather, the quote should have stated that bats require a hole that is one quarter by one half inch wide.

KOTV Channel 6 – “Owl At Tulsa’s Mayo Hotel Slows Construction Work”
Great Horned Owl StoryGot owls? This hotel did prior to The Skunk Whisperers gratis arrival. This was a fun, atypical, humane great horned owl removal from the downtown Tulsa historic Mayo Hotel. KOTV was there to film the event, but filming was restricted to outdoors for safety reasons.

The Claremore Daily Progress Newspaper – Bats In Government Building
The Skunk Whisperer® Ned Bruha was called upon for his professional experience when bats invaded the planning commission building at 212 South Missouri in Claremore, Oklahoma. The story also featured his opinion on the dangers of bat guano.

The Claremore Daily Progress Newspaper – Building “Gone Batty”
Wildlife Management Professional Ned Bruha explains his plan in detail to rid the Planning Commission building of its bat problem. He also explains the particulars of bat control and the exclusion process.


KOTV Channel 6 – “Attack of the Squirrels!”
If the media comes to your home because of the extent of your wildlife problem, it has to be bad. Most folks have an easy, inexpensive solution to their wildlife problems. This family had conflicts with squirrels and woodpeckers. The squirrels were chewing on the electrical wires, and dying in the walls. The woodpeckers decided to live rent-free in their stucco wall… KOTV Channel Six was there. Formerly known as Bruha’s Nuisance Wildlife Control, this took place immediately before the business name changed to The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc. Because there was more than one active drey in this large home, and because of the floor plan, some trapping was required to avoid territorial killing at their common entry point. There was only one entry exit point for the multiple squirrel families.


Skunk Whisperer Solves Family’s Buzzing Problem Video of The Skunk Whisperer® coming to the rescue of an Edmond homeowner with bees in their walls.

The Tulsa World Newspaper – Bats In Oklahoma School Building Ned Bruha was asked to help when over 750 bats were discovered in a northwestern Oklahoma school.

Living The Country Life Radio Broadcast – Choosing A Wildlife Control Company
Brief radio interview with Skunk Whisperer Ned Bruha on how to find an effective wildlife control company.


The Skunk Whisperer And The Tulsa Spirit Award

Founded to reward the entrepreneurial spirit, The Tulsa Spirit Award is designed to recognize Tulsa businesses. A prestigious panel of judges pick who best meets a list of predetermined business criteria, including a strong business plan, potential for growth and development, and a commitment to Tulsa. In November 2007, Ned and Betsey Bruha were proud to accept the third place award for their business The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc., which offers humane wildlife removal and prevention services. In 2009, the first annual Skunk Whisperer Award was added to the ceremony. read the full story


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