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Humane Bat Control Services With Conservation In Mind

big-brown-front-viewMany people consider bats the winged spawn of Satan, and would rather have them dead than in their backyard flying around eating thousands of mosquitoes; which, by the way carry more diseases than bats. Bats are very beneficial to our environment, but it is dangerous to have bats in your home or business.

Bat problems are one of our favorite wildlife issues to deal with and we like to approach the concept of bat control with humane bat conservation in mind. Getting rid of bats doesn’t have to be cruel. Many Oklahoman’s find bats in their homes and require immediate bat removal and bat control. We can get rid of them for you.
Due to the breeding and hibernation habits of bats, completion of the removal process cannot be done from late spring through mid-August. There are steps that we can take now to make your living or office areas safer in the meantime. We can also begin proofing, building and eviction preparations at any time. If you’ve seen bats in your home take safety actions now, regardless of the time of year.

Bat control can be a complex process affected by many factors including breeding and feeding habits, roosting, hibernation and migration, and of course, these are affected by what region you live in and what types of bats you have. There are also important safety concerns related to bats inside buildings, including rabies and other diseases, bite issues and safe handling procedures. To help you understand bat control as it might relate to your environment, we have prepared an extensive amount of information for you on such topics as bat exclusion (removal), how to proof living areas, how to conduct a bat watch, bat conservation through the use of houses and boxes, bats facts, breeding, feeding habits, and types of bats.

If you see signs that bats may be living inside your home, you will want to call The Skunk Whisperer® or a humane methods wildlife control professional in your particular area. Some signs to look for include guano around your home and grease marks like those shown to the right. These marks are the results of the bats bodies producing “grease” marks as they enter and exit.

exclusion-removal-preparationBat Control Methods: Bat Removal & Seasonal Issues     Interim Proofing    Bat Watch
A detailed look at the bat removal process including attic eviction, exclusion and proofing. Also, seasonal issues with removal, the reasons for those restrictions, a step by step guide to proofing your living areas, information on our services, and cost considerations. Also, a guide on how to do a bat watch and estimate just how many bats you may have.

handling-guidelinesDisease, Handling & Safety: Bats Rabies   Guano Diseases   Handling   Attic Repair
Information on bat rabies, the potential guano related disease Hystoplasmosis, safety concerns to consider when finding a bat in the house, bite issues, what to do with a dead bat, how to handle a bat in the home, and important guidelines on how to launch a bat.

boxes-for-mosquito-controlConservation And Bat House Benefits: The Bat House And Natural Mosquito Control
A look at the benefits of having a bat house and how it can offer an affordable natural alternative to pesticide based mosquito control. Fun facts about bats and mosquitoes too. Also, the importance of proper design and tips on getting them installed and occupied.

types-factsInteresting Info On Bats: Photos   Types Of Bats & Vampire   Bat Facts   Tulsa Bats
Interesting facts about bats including breeding and seasonal habits. Some common types found in oklahoma, such as little brown, big brown and Mexican free tailed. And for fun – information and interesting facts about the infamous vampire bat found south of the border.

Important Caveat – Bats Attract Snakes

Snakes often enter homes with bats or other rodents, including rats and mice because a bat tastes just as good to a snake as a mouse.

Learn More:

General Information on Snakes    Snake Control and Removal    Snakes in the Attic

Check out these videos of snakes climbing walls. Remember: both bats and rodents can attract snakes into your home.


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