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Bat Exclusion – Attic Bats Removal From The Home

bat-exclusion-home-removalIf you have bats in your living quarters, attic or business, you do not have a bat problem but rather you have a building problem. We frequently take care of this type of problem, and it is one of our favorite wildlife control issues to deal with. It doesn’t matter if you have one bat or three thousand in your building – the procedure and price to evict them is typically the same. attic-bat-guano-problemBreeding seasons vary by region, but in Oklahoma, if you have bats in your home or business, it is important that we evict them prior to when they give birth in the Spring. Time is of the essence – if we wait too long, we must wait until around August 15th to exclude them forever. However, even if you have waited too long, we can still take temporary measures to keep bats out of your office or living area. Bats inside are dangerous, so take action immediately. Scheduling prior to August 15th may avoid a full agenda.

If you do have bats in your house, especially if you’ve seen any in living areas, there are important safety concerns you will need to know about – including how to handle both dead and live bats. You’ll want to be sure to visit our sections on bat rabies and safety, guano diseases and proper handling. In Oklahoma, the types of bats that you will likely encounter are big brown, small brown, and Mexican free-tailed bats.

Once bats have invaded, don’t waste time, colonies can grow 2 to 3 times larger each year. Completion of the bat removal process is seasonally limited, but we can start to tackle the problem now with building preparations and interim living area proofing measures. Once the proper season arrives, (not between late spring and mid-August) we can complete the removal process, also known as a bat eviction or bat exclusion. The seasonal eviction restriction is because bat pups will die and smell if the mother is evicted.

eviction-preparationCalls to us regarding bat problems usually start coming in during the middle of the winter these calls are almost always big brown bats. Big brown bats “wake up” in the middle of winter warm spells sometimes, and stumble into your living quarters or offices. When spring comes around, bat eviction requests start to come in once again, and do not stop until it cools off in the fall. Why? In the fall, your bats were breeding. In the spring, they start to have their babies. If you are a parent, you know that you want to get away from your children, well at least occasionally, that is what the bats are doing.

Bats cannot typically be excluded from the attic or home during the summer because the babies will not leave on their own until mid-August. And baby bats must leave on their own accord. The adult bats will exit, but because they do not understand that they will not be able to get back in, they will leave their babies behind. This is not only bad because the babies will die, but also because of the associated smell. One small brown baby bat will fill a 3,000 square foot home with a smell that compares to a human body sitting in the sun for three days being plopped on your coffee table. This smell will efficiently relocate you, your family, or office to a hotel, place of shelter or less desirable location.

If you’ve discovered bats during a time of year they cannot be evicted, not to worry. You don’t have to live in fear of the winged creatures until exclusion is completed. This is because it’s possible to proof a building to keep bats out of the living areas during the interim waiting period – that way you can sleep better at night.

You can do the work, or we can. We treat your home, business and pocketbook like it was our own, but it is up to you who performs this work. We’ve prepared a proofing guide should you want to do it yourself.

Keeping Bats Restricted To The Attic: Interim Bat Proofing The Home Living Areas Prior To Exclusion

Other Aspects Of The Eviction Process

Making The Exclusion Last. Before September or birthing season, we can usually perform most of the bat exclusion process, up to, but not including installing the device that will allow all of the now mature bats to leave on their own and never get back in again. We can evict them from the hole they are currently using, but they will still want to get back in. So we must seal almost every place on your home that is 1/4″ plus in size. Once excluded, the temporary precautions that were done indoors, such as the tape and plastic, can be removed. But, we cannot install the bat “check valve” until we know that no babies will be left behind.

A lot of people ask us “how much does a bat exclusion cost“? The answer to this question can vary because the situation is actually a building issue, not a bat problem, consequently, prices will differ by home. Your next door neighbor may have the exact same house indoors and out and the price may different depending on the amount of work that is needed. Many of the alterations required to make to your building bat free may also help exclude squirrels, birds, raccoons and rats from invading your home. When we give you a quote, we will also mention service upgrades that will allow for preventative measures and to show you signs and proof if wildlife has compromised your structures integrity. Even a Wildlife Management Professional cannot efficiently remove the bats one by one. Bats will hide in areas that humans cannot reach with any tools or equipment without destruction. Many watches have proven that over 300 total bats were in a structure – but bat exclusion professionals were unable to locate their actual roosting area. Sometimes bats will enter on one side of the house and live on the opposite side, in the wall.
Several insurance companies will pay for damage done by bats. Our attic repair services include removing soiled, damaged materials and installing new insulation for you. Many insurance companies have loopholes that allow your wildlife damage to be covered under your insurance policy. Often wild squirrel and rodent problems are considered acts of God and not covered.

Even if proper techniques and knowledge are utilized to humanely evict bats, it can still fail if quality materials are not used. We encountered this job at a client’s home. Note the cloth bat “cone”. Note the guano below it. Note the dried up and cracked caulking that the bats re-entered. Note the bats are entering via the cone that was supposed to exclude them. High quality supplies and professional products, combined with experience and pride in your work are what will solve bat infestation.

Important Caveat – Bats Attract Snakes

Snakes often enter homes with bats or other rodents, including rats and mice because a bat tastes just as good to a snake as a mouse.

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Check out these videos of snakes climbing walls. Remember: both bats and rodents can attract snakes into your home.


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