Bobcats easily blend in to their surrounding area and often go unnoticed, even in suburban and urban areas. In general, they non-confrontational but will attack and eat small outdoor cats and small dogs if they get hungry enough.
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Suburban Bobcats

Bobcats are not restricted to rural areas, they can also be found in urban environments and suburban neighborhoods. Cities like Tulsa, that can be described as an "urban" forest give bobcats plenty of opportunities to find places to live and game to eat.

Most bobcat issues occur because of people feeding the birds in their yard. Bird feeders attract bobcats, foxes and coyotes.

The photo of the bobcats shown below was taken at a busy urban residential area around 81st and Memorial in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ned Bruha was called out to investigate young bobcats playing in the road.

A nearby business took this photo just ten feet outside their door. We live in a jungle; their jungle. All they want is food, water and shelter. If we can assist you with eliminating one of those things, they will likely move on for little to no cost. If a bobcat family is living under your shed and eating birds at your bird feeder, remove the bird feeder.

dig defence installed to help keep bobcats and other wildlife out

If that does not remedy the problem, we can install Dig Defence Animal Control, as seen in the photo above, around the shed and evict the bobcat family, making them move on to more appropriate surroundings.

Getting Rid of Bobcats

Easy, free ways to get rid of bobcats can be found on our coyote, fox and mountain lion pages. Bobcats are easily scared away by waving your arms, opening and closing an umbrella or with a water hose. Another way is to use a Havahart Spray Away Motion Activated Water Repellent, which is a squirting device that activates when they get to close. This device is infrared and shoots water up to 30' when hooked up to a charged garden hose. Have the children put on a bathing suit and set up the perimeter that you want protected. Check with your state and local wildlife department to see if it is legal to repel wild animals in this manner.

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