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The Canada Goose

The Canada goose is a beautiful bird to behold found throughout North America from northern Alaska to the Southern Gulf Coast and even into Mexico, depending upon the season of the year. The Canada goose tends to be monogamous and mate for life. Canada geese are migratory and often travel in groups also known as a “flock” or “gaggle” of geese. The term “skein” is also used to describe a flock of geese in flight.

geese-controlGoose Control, Management & Relocation Services The Canada goose can certainly be fun to watch – but wow – what a slippery, nasty mess they can make! They can eat all your grass and turn your yard into an unsightly health and safety hazard if allowed to take control of your surrounding environment.

Goose in Parking LotGeese In Parking Lots – Problems & Solutions Many individuals are surprised to find geese taking up residence in parking lots, even right in the middle of busy shopping centers or office complexes, often right next to a busy street or intersection. Many times, geese are killed or fender benders occur because of where they make their nests.

goose-nest-with-eggsResident Canada Goose Problems When you see the signs of Resident Canada Goose issues slowly escalating, call The Skunk Whisperer to assist you in avoiding what you will eventually call an immediate priority when it gets out of hand or a goose attacks somebody. You need to get rid of the geese quickly, but also professionally so getting rid of them in the future will become a problem.

A Canada GooseWhy you should not feed waterfowl? Some people enjoy feeding waterfowl, so they visit lakes, ponds, and town parks to toss bread, corn, popcorn, or table scraps to the ducks and geese that congregate in these places.

No Feeding Waterfowl SignsDon’t feed waterfowl signs: If geese nest on your property or in your parking lot each year, our signs can potentially save you thousands of dollars in goose relocation, goose damages, avoid injuries from goose attacks, lawsuits, squished goslings and avoid a lot of phone calls.” Installed, or shipped to your doorstep. Post or pole mounts can be simple or fancy. High quality 18”x24” aluminum on the best vinyl available on the market for years of use. The link at the bottom of the sign, leads to a totally plain page with more information about why it is not good to feed waterfowl and scientific justifications for you installing the signs on your property. That web page can easily be printed or turned into a company email or handout to explain you new HOA home owner association or company policy about feeding waterfowl. There is no mention of our company or advertising on that web page.

A Canada GooseRescuing The Goose Shot By An Arrow After reading about a goose found in a suburban Tulsa neighborhood with an arrow shot through it’s chest, the local Skunk Whisperer® team sprung into action. Previous attempts by others to catch the injured bird had been unsuccessful but after some patient pursuit, Ned and Betsey Bruha, the goose was caught and gently transported to a wildlife rehabber, thankfully it’s expected to live to enjoy another day on the pond. Full Story


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