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Canada Goose Control

When geese become a problem - harassing your family, residents or customers, turning your yard into an unsightly, slippery safety hazard, eating your grass, or taking up residence in your commercial parking lot - we can help. We have extensive experience with geese control and will know how to solve your Canada goose problem. Canada goose control can be a time sensitive effort with seasonal limitations for some resolutions, such as egg addling and relocation. If you are in Oklahoma... don't delay - call us today.

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Geese Relocation, Management & Control Services

There are several methods that can be employed to control geese and/or their population in a specific area, including habitat modification, use of deterrents, removal, relocation and egg addling. Some methods are time sensitive and can only be utilized during certain times of the year.

A gaggle of Canadian Geese

For example, in Oklahoma we can only relocate geese and do egg addling from approx. March 11th - August 30th. Outside that timeframe, we have to use exclusion, deterrents, habitat modification and harassment methods to eliminate your urban lawn cow dilemmas. If you would like to retain the few geese you currently have, but do not want more hatching, we can assist you with that as well.

old goose in parking lot with skunk whisperer truck in the background
The Skunk Whisperer truck parked next to a goose in a parking lot

Many think that simply destroying the eggs will control the population, but this is ineffective as they will just lay more. We utilize a humane procedure called "egg addling" to retain your desired number of geese and to prevent the unwelcome, annual young additions to the flock.

Canada goose on a nest of eggs

Typically, relocation is not the most humane or cost effective method to use to manage wildlife. However, the Canada goose usually handles relocation well and a resident Canada goose has a better chance at surviving in a new environment than, for example, a red squirrel, but research has proven that many, if not all of them will eventually return to the place of capture, so The Skunk Whisperer® will not typically agree to relocate geese rather than utilize other methods such as harassment, habitat modification and products such as Avihaze.

ned bruha on the job holding a Canada goose

We generally follow The Humane Society of the United States Wild Neighbors Program Canada Goose egg addling protocol. We had the privilege of assisting with the protocol language and believe it's a great addling protocol.

"Don't Feed The Waterfowl"

If geese nest in your parking lot or property every year, our 18"x24" aluminum signs can potentially save your property thousands of dollars and avoid injuries, lawsuits, squished goslings and avoid a lot of calls to property owners/property management companies.

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