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OKC, Edmond & Norman Wildlife Control

If you are hearing thumps and noises in the attic to rival the rumblings along Interstate 35, chances are you have a wildlife problem. The cities of Oklahoma City, Edmond, or Norman are located in close proximity to one another, and are often considered the same region, however, the specific kinds of problems faced by each, and their severity, may differ a bit between these three cities.
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Common Wildlife Issues In OKC, Edmond & Norman

Let's take a look at how OKC, Edmond and Norman compare when it comes to wildlife issues. For the most part, Oklahoma City does not have as many wildlife problems as the other two areas. This is because the Norman and Edmond areas have more trees and thick cover to accommodate wildlife than Oklahoma City does. Norman has a unique situation from the other two, as it is primarily a college town. Consequently there are a lot of rental properties and absentee landlords. We receive a high number of calls about skunks under homes in Norman because of the absentee landlords and the problems associated with young renters.
The areas surrounding the several golf courses in Norman are always going to experience more animal control issues with raccoons, skunks, opossums and snakes than any other portion of the area, as well as, anybody living next to Lake Thunderbird or the one hundred plus bodies of water in the area. The little creeks and streams attract wildlife, including beaver, so wildlife removal in the Norman area keeps us pretty busy.
Looking at the three grouped together, some of our most common wildlife control missions in the area are for skunk, armadillo, raccoon, and squirrel removal. We also encounter bat problems from time to time too.
raccoon removal job in Edmond Oklahoma
This raccoon removal job in
Edmond Oklahoma required
working at great heights
Skunks and armadillos most often cause problems with lawns, and under and around homes, however raccoons, squirrels and bats can do a lot of damage to area attics.


Nuisance wild raccoons can be found throughout Oklahoma, including Edmond. Norman has them as well. Once discovered, you will want to resolve the situation quickly before it gets out of hand.
Raccoons are destructive and a health hazard too. They can and will destroy your insulation and leave behind roundworm infection which is found in approximately 80% of all raccoons. Compressed attic insulation will quickly cause your heating and cooling bills to literally escape through the roof.


Unwanted squirrels in Edmond, OKC and Norman attics are a common area wildlife problem and a problem that needs to be resolved quickly.
Their walnut sized brain will direct them to chew through siding, roofing and electric wires before you ever knew what hit you. The squirrel in this photo was discovered in an attic by one of The Skunk Whisperer® team, it was enjoying the view from a window as it perched on top of grass and other materials left behind by birds who had previously taken up residence there.


Armadillos are destructive little creatures found all over this region.
The best methods for armadillo control will be exclusion (proper fencing), hardware cloth buries, and eliminating their food source (grubs).
This can be done via use of milky spore, common grub killing chemicals found at your local hardware store and the best method, which can only be applied in the Spring being a beneficial live organism called nematodes which attack termites, fire ants, and unwanted grubs.
Armadillo repellants can save a lot of property damage in many cases. The Armadillo repellants we have can stop armadillos from destroying your lawn and flower beds. Ask about our all natural armadillo repellants.


Unwanted skunks have invaded homes throughout this region creating odors and tearing up lawns and flower beds. These stinkers will have their kittens under your house and add their personal cologne scent to your clothing and make you unpopular at the office. This baby skunk was discovered inside a home in the Oklahoma City area.
baby skunk rescued by oklahoma city skunk whisperer chris greenlie


Areas such as Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, Lawton and Enid, do have bat problems, however, bats are less common there than they are in Tulsa. In general, what kind of bat problems an area might have can differ by type and severity across the state.
Oklahoma City primarily has Big Brown Bats, Small Brown Bats, and Red Tree Bats. Cities further North, South, and West more commonly have large Mexican Free Tail colonies which can have over 1,000 bats each.
Bats are a particularly challenging issue for homeowners, but the Skunk Whisperer® team are experts at proper bat removal and restoration. It is important to take care of bat problems properly as to avoid leaving babies behind, which is a humane issue of course, but bats left behind can also create a terrible smell inside your home. And improper repairs will only allow bat problems to repeat themselves in the future.
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