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Please do not call The Skunk Whisperer® in regards to bee and swarm removals. We no longer offer bee removal. If you want your home sealed up so bees do not get back in again after they have been removed, we can assist you. If you are in the Eastern side of Oklahoma, please call John Jacuk at 918-851-2011. If you are in Western Oklahoma, please visit okbees.org and refer to the Bee Swarm Capture Services page on bee removal.

Oklahoma City Bee Removal

The best form of bee control is prevention. In general, bees looking for a location to start a new hive will be looking for a cavity (such as the area between your home's outside and inside walls) that will provide them with some shelter. Bee colonies can be hazardous to have or remove, always consult a professional before trying to take on a bee removal project yourself.

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Bee Control In Oklahoma

Bees should never be allowed to live in your home. Even if they appear docile in the early stages, this is only because they are focused on building their bees nest, once the hive is completed and they start producing honey and babies, they will become more aggressive. Their hives, which will continue to grow in size with time, can weigh over 80 pounds and present a fire and construction hazard to your home. The dripping honey can damage surrounding areas, as well as, attract other bees, insects and nuisance wildlife.

Bees are not a problem that can be ignored and it is important to do bee removal properly. If you do find a bee hive located around your home you will want to leave it undisturbed and call a bee removal expert to safely handle the removal and relocation of the bees.

bee hive relocation
bee hive being relocated

When it comes to getting rid of bees, the preferred method is to relocate the honey bees along with their hive alive and intact, rather than use insecticides and poisons that would otherwise kill them. These beneficial creatures play a truly vital role in the balance of nature and subsequently are a valuable, crucial addition to the surrounding environment. Once the bees nest is located and skillfully removed by a professional, the affected area is thoroughly cleaned, the damage repaired and the home sealed to prevent further infestation. Our pest control and house inspections for other insect and wildlife issues are also beneficial when it comes to preventing swarms in the structure, this is because sealing the property to prevent the invasion of nuisance wildlife will also help prevent bees and wasps from entering too.

Killer Bees In Oklahoma

Africanized Honey Bees were given the nickname "Killer Bees", in Hollywood films that capitalized on their aggressive nature. Africanized bees have been identified in over 32 Oklahoma Counties, and were first spotted in southwestern Oklahoma in 2004 and are now also present in the central area of the state too. These bees are known to be particularly aggressive and will viciously attack people and animals who stray into their territory often resulting in death or serious injury. They are very similar in appearance to the more docile honeybee of European origin.

The killer bee's venom is not more toxic than the European bee, however, they tend to attack more aggressively and sting in larger numbers sometimes "killing" their victims.


Sample Bee Control Project

Bees invaded this Oklahoma City area home by going underneath a window apron that had warped out a bit, and left an open area for the bees to get behind the wall. Once inside the area between the outside side of the inside wall and the outside wall, they built their hive. Some of the siding and wall had to be removed to access and remove the hive.

The first photo in the series shows the window of the home with the bee hive problem, and how "normal" it looked from the outside. The second, the area underneath the window apron the bees used to get inside. In the third picture, the colony is revealed after some siding is removed, and in the fourth you can see a close up of the colony as it hangs from under the window. The next photo is a closeup of the hive, and the final photo is of the house as it appears post bee hive removal and repair.

oklahoma city house with bee problem
gap under window apron where bees are entering the area behind the wall and under the window
full view of the colony after the siding and wall are removed
a close up of the hive as it sits between the walls
closeup of a small secion of the bee colony on the hive
house after bee removal project is completed
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