Our service area primarily covers the eastern half of the state, but we may still be able to assist you in the Oklahoma City area if the job is large enough to cover travel and lodging expenses.

Oklahoma City Squirrel Control

Squirrel in attic situations are something we see quite often in the area. Wildlife in your attic can definitely disturb your morning coffee or evening news, not to mention creating havoc with electrical wires and chewing holes right through the middle of your siding and roof.
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Common Kinds Of Squirrels In The OKC Area

OKC, Edmond and Norman mostly have "red fox" squirrels, like the one seen below, but in the outskirts of towns, we have encountered some grey squirrels. The fox squirrel can be found across most of Oklahoma, whereas, the gray squirrel is mostly found in the eastern half of the state.

Flying squirrels are more common in the eastern half of the state as well, but have been sighted in some central and southwestern counties too, including Payne, Oklahoma, Garvin, and Comanche (Lawton).

Squirrel In Attic Problems

Once inside your home squirrels can create a lot of problems. And once a squirrel has decided to call your attic home, other wildlife such as raccoons are likely to be attracted to the scent and may not be far behind.

For example, as seen in the photo below, birds invaded this Edmond homeowner's attic which resulted in nesting material piled 6' high from the floor. The squirrel seen here moved in, evicted the birds, took over the space, and utilized the nesting material to enjoy the view from the window.

squirrel in attic sitting on top of a 6 foot high birds nest
Squirrel in attic enjoying the
view from the window on top of a
6' high pile of bird's nesting material

Squirrel Removal And Damage Control

The majority of wildlife control companies in the area utilize trapping as their main method for squirrels in the attic and other wildlife problems. Most Oklahoma City area squirrel trappers will charge $200 - $600 (these are not our squirrel removal prices) to trap a set number of animals for a set number of days, and that does not include their repairs.
However, repeated squirrel trapping is not The Skunk Whisperer®'s method of choice. But rather, we can show you time proven, more effective methods and control strategies that are longer lasting, more successful, more humane, faster and more cost effective too.
Our methods often include roofing
alterations and other repairs which
offer a long term solution to squirrel
problems like the one shown above
Our services are designed to take care of your squirrel control needs from start to finish and include eviction, removal, exclusion, damage repair, attic clean up and sanitization, proofing and prevention.

Common Squirrel Entry Points

The central Oklahoma area in particular, including Oklahoma City and surrounding towns and communities such as Norman, Edmond, and Stillwater, have homes where the typical soffit vent cover used is merely a thin wire mesh. Squirrels and raccoons in this region have taken advantage of the easy to tear screens and as a result have become quite adept at gaining entry into homes this way.
vulnerable entry area for squirrels
In the Eastern half of the state, they use a stronger vent guard and have consequently seen less problems with wildlife entering homes via this method. Other common entry points for squirrels in the region include the area where the soffit and the roof meet to make a triangle, through the attic vents on the sides at the peaks, and via any gaps where the roof decking meets the attic walls.
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