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Oklahoma City, Edmond and Norman Raccoons

Nuisance raccoons are plentiful in central Oklahoma including the Oklahoma City, Edmond and Norman areas. Raccoons in this region can be particularly aggressive when it comes to tearing through soffit vents to enter homes, walls and attics. Once inside, they can be quite destructive. The Skunk Whisperer® is highly knowledgable regarding the unique challenges presented by this region and we've gathered some information together to help you understand why.
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Nuisance Raccoons In Central Oklahoma

Central Oklahoma certainly has it's share of the state's wild raccoon population, particularly in areas such as Edmond and Norman which tend to have more trees and vegetation than urban Oklahoma City.

Raccoons And Attics

In Spring, raccoons will enter attics looking for a place to give birth to their young. The young raccoon in the photo below was discovered by The Skunk Whisperer® sleeping peacefully among the attic rafters.
young raccoon sleeping in an oklahoma attic
But don't let his peaceful appearance fool you. Raccoons in your attic are a problem that can't be ignored. If they make it inside your home, they can do a lot of damage and be a health hazard too. Once a raccoon starts waddling around your attic, keeping you awake at night, what you are not seeing or hearing is the money hemorrhaging out of your bank account because of your newly increased heating and air conditioning bills.
This is because once an animal like a raccoon gets into your attic they quickly destroy the insulation often leaving it paper thin or non-existent. Even though an attic may be unbearably hot to humans, raccoons may remain inside your attic well past August, leave, and return later to enjoy the heat that's still there due to the fact there is now very little insulation.
In addition to the insulation issue, there are also health hazards that come with raccoons. They often leave potentially roundworm infected feces in the attics they invade, feces which can quickly become five or more inches deep in some areas. This is because in many cases, they defecate in one area repeatedly. These piles of feces are called toilets.
feces piled up high in a homeowner's attic
Raccoon feces is a health
hazard that can pile up quickly
in an unsuspecting homeowner's attic.
Both the raccoons and their toilets, have an 80% chance of carrying raccoon roundworm infection. Although very infrequently contracted by humans, raccoon round worm infection is not something that belongs in your home. It can survive for many years and is difficult to kill.

Area Removal and Attic Damage Repair

Discovering raccoon problems in your attic can be quite a distressing experience. Certain architectures are attractive to raccoons and a professional should know where to look. Raccoon damage repairs from beginning to end have been consistently improved over the years.
Oklahoma City Skunk Whisperer nspecting a home in central Oklahoma
Wildlife Control professional
inspecting an area home
for raccoon problems.

Proofing Requirements Unique To Central Oklahoma

Many people might be surprised to find out that the Raccoons in central Oklahoma behave just a bit differently than those in the Tulsa area.
This is because there is a slight difference in the way the homes in each region are constructed. Homes in the Tulsa area use a sturdier aluminum style vent similar in appearance to inside aluminum louvered ceiling registers. But in OKC area, and its surrounding communities, they use a thin window screen like cover that is no match for raccoons.
Consequently, in the Oklahoma City, Edmond, Yukon and Norman area, the most common entry point for raccoons is through the thin window screen covering the soffit vents.
So one might think all you would have to do in the OKC area to wildlife proof the vents better is use the same covers that they do in Tulsa.
But unfortunately, as seen in the below photo that doesn't stop the determined raccoons of central Oklahoma either.
soffit vent ripped open by raccoon
Since most homes in the OKC area have used the thinner style covers for many years, generations of raccoons in that area have become confident that they can get through just about any vent, even the ones that would otherwise deter their neighbors to the east.
ugly option soffit vent cover
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