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Raccoon In Attic Damage Control, Raccoon Removal, Prevention and Repair

Raccoon in ChimneyThere are several time proven methods which are effective for removing raccoons from the attic. We can evict them from any building, and make it so that they cannot get back in via repairs and reinforcements. Many roof vents, although necessary to allow your roof to breath, must be covered to prevent wildlife entry. If raccoons want into your attic, they’re able to pop standard vents off a roof like the cap off of a bottle of soda unless you have these installed. We have the vent covers you need to protect your roof. If the repairs are too labor intensive, we can manage contractors to do it for you. Usually when we are done, the average homeowner cannot easily see what we have done until we point it out. We aim to be discreet and effective with our repairs. Because breeding and gestation periods vary, it is also important that we inspect your attic after the raccoons have been excluded from your home. A nest of baby raccoons will not only die, but it will put your family in a hotel because of the smell of dead decaying wild animals.

Raccoon in Attic Removal Cost
Most people who have raccoons in the attic do not have a raccoon entry point into the attic that looks like this (image to the right), but it is a great photo to explain why many people get raccoons in the attic. This particular homeowner explained that first she had woodpeckers peck a hole in the siding, then birds started nesting in the woodpecker hole, then squirrels moved in and made the hole larger. After another year passed, the hole got larger and the raccoons moved in, getting rid of everybody else out of the attic. Many buildings get raccoons in the attic after first having the other two wildlife problems and ignoring the signs and attic sounds. Raccoons cause the most attic damage to insulation, so call us now to get rid of your raccoons in the attic.

damage-control-example  roof-dropping-territorial-marking  wild-racoon-roof-damage  feces-poop-attic-insulation

Photo Descriptions: (At Top Of Page) 1. Sample home wildlife detterent protection cover for attic roof vent (Left To Right) 2. An example of raccoon damage 3. Raccoon droppings on a roof done as a means of territorial marking 4. Chimney damage 5. Raccoon feces and poo left on insulation in homeowner’s attic

This female raccoon (images bottom left and right) was live trapped by a homeowner who was fed up with the raccoons in the attic and wanted to save money by doing a do it yourself raccoon removal and relocation. Raccoon Live Trap RelocationThe homeowner set a live trap in the attic and caught the mother raccoon seen in this photo. The DIY raccoon trapping went wrong when he got home from work and found the trap and raccoon on his spare bedroom floor.

roof-vent-guardWhile clawing to get out of the trap, the raccoon had all day long to claw through the bedroom ceiling that the trap was sitting on, causing it to crash into the bedroom. As you can see in the photo, the raccoon struggled so much that she wore the fur off of her head and the skin off of her paw trying to get out. Some raccoon trappers may try to claim that these injuries were caused by mange, but the wildlife rehabilitator who the homeowner took the raccoon to confirmed the wounds were from trying to get out of the trap.

Raccoon Attic Trapping RelocateThree days later, the raccoon trapping homeowner returned home from work and heard the raccoon babies chattering for their mother. The do it yourselfer then called The Skunk Whisperer to remove the baby raccoons and take them to the wildlife rehabilitator and raccoon proof his home. One of the baby raccoons had fallen down into a wall and died while wandering around in the attic looking for its mother. We did not find this out until about one week later when he smelled dead in the house. This turned the project into a dead animal removal which mandated cutting a hole in the wall to remove the dead raccoon and then drywall repair, texture and painting.

The moral of this story is – sometimes you should just call a raccoon removal professional instead of trying do it yourself methods, calling a redneck with a live raccoon trap and a truck or even worse, a pest control company that does wildlife removal on the side. If you are not in our service area, please visit our webpage titled “find humane service providers” to find a humane raccoon removal pro in your area.


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