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Rodent Control – Getting Rid Of Rodents, Rat and Mouse Problems

Rat TrappingRats and mice are usually the first animals to come to mind when we think of rodents, but, chipmunks, squirrels, beavers, voles, guinea pigs, prairie dogs, gophers, chinchillas, even porcupines, are members of the rodent family too. As a matter of fact, rodents make up one of the largest order of mammals on the planet today. However, there are also several kinds of wildlife that are not members of the rodent family that are often mistakenly identified as such, including rabbits, moles, weasels, bats, skunks, armadillos and opossums. A rodent is characterized by two continuously growing teeth on the upper and lower jaws known as “incisors”. These teeth continuously grow and must be kept shortened by constant gnawing.

When it comes to the most infamous rodents, rat mouse differences can be numerous, in fact, the wide number of rodents identified as “rats” can vary greatly from each other in anatomy, environment and habits – and the same goes for “mice” as well. The terms rat and mouse are actually not scientific classifications at all, but rather terms used to describe certain rodents that fall within a specific category of “appearance”.

Although rodents such as rats and mice are considered pests and are not necessarily the most popular animals, they do serve an important purpose in the ecosystem, including serving as a food source for other wildlife and helping with seed dispersal to perpetuate the growth of vegetation. Just the same, rodents can be destructive and they can carry disease, consequently you do not want them living in your home. The Skunk Whisperer® can help you humanely control your rodent pest control issues, including your rat mouse problem without the side dangers of rat poison, harmful trapping or needless killing of the rodents. Rodent pest control removal is one of our specialties.

ratRats: Getting Rid Of Rats  Information On Trapping Rats  Information on Roof Rats
Wild rats can carry disease and present a health and safety hazard to your beloved family and pets. Rodents such as rats are actually very intelligent and they can be a challenging problem to solve. But, when it comes to getting rid of rats, the Skunk Whisperer® knows what to do and can solve your rodent issues without hazardous rat traps and poisons that can also harm your pets, neighbor’s animals or area wildlife.

mouseMice: Mouse Control  Information On Non-Lethal Live Catch Mouse Traps
Mice in your home can carry disease and attract other nuisance wildlife such as snakes. Unlike a typical rodent exterminator, our poison free methods are the most cost effective and are a long term solution to all your mouse problem needs. We also sanitize your home and eliminate the hazards and smells rodents leave behind. Our solution to your rodent problem will be a total solution – eviction, cleanup, repair and prevention of further infestation. We provide more than your typical mouse trapping service.

poisoned-mouseThe Hazards Of Secondary Poisoning Rat Poison Hazards
Rat poison is a popular way to control rats, mice and other rodents, however, what a lot of home owner’s don’t realize, is that when another animal ingests a rodent with poison in its system, that poison is now in their system too. In other words, if you choose to use poisons, you may inadvertently kill cats, dogs, even beautiful eagles and hawks. Poisoning can also cause rodents to die within the walls, creating a health hazard and terrible odor. Skunk Whisperer® methods do not include poisons; instead we provide humane control for rodents in Oklahoma.

squirrelSquirrels: Control  Types & Facts  Flying Squirrels  Trapping  Damage
The Skunk Whisperer® utilizes humane, cost effective methods to evict and get rid of squirrels in and around your home. Squirrels can be hazardous to have in the house, they can start fires by chewing on electrical wires, destroy your attic or produce scents that can attract larger, more troublesome nuisance wildlife such as raccoons.

beaverBeavers: Interesting Facts and Photos  Humane Control Methods
Understanding wildlife, beaver and rodent behavior is key when it comes to controlling beaver and other rodent populations. Our effective exclusion methods are designed to be long lasting and humanely solve your beaver problem without trapping or killing, this includes showing you ways to make your property less appealing to beavers and other nuisance wildlife as well. Interesting beaver facts and photos too.

gopherGophers: Identifying Gophers, Moles & Field Mice  Trapping & Removal  Control
There are many misconceptions and wives tales surrounding moles and gophers, including how to get rid of them. Moles, gophers and field mice are distinctly different and should be dealt with differently as well. We’ve put together facts, diagrams and photos to help you identify wether the cause of your problem is mole, gopher or field mice related. Also, information on possible solutions and various traps and poisons.

Trapping Rats And Using Mouse Traps

live-catch-mouse-trapsThe Skunk Whisperer® does not advocate needless trapping. Our humane wildlife control methods work best with wildlife that occasionally exits the home. But, rodents are often inside your home to stay, especially if they have a plentiful food source such as your pet’s food. At such times rodent traps are often mandated. We’ve put together a comprehensive look at some of the different non-lethal live-catch rodent traps available today and how to use them effectively.

Important Caveat – Rodents Attract Snakes

Snakes often enter homes with bats or other rodents, including rats and mice because a bat tastes just as good to a snake as a mouse.

Learn More:

General Information on Snakes    Snake Control and Removal    Snakes in the Attic

Check out these videos of snakes climbing walls. Remember: both bats and rodents can attract snakes into your home.


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