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Skunk Smell In The House

skunk-smell-house-machineWhen a skunk sprays under your house or business, family life and businesses come to an immediate halt. We can evict your skunks forever and eliminate the smell. We can get rid of skunk or dead animal smell issues quickly, allowing you to continue with life. Skunk scent is the strongest and longest lasting scent known to man. Get rid of wildlife attracting skunk smells now, call today, we can help.

Home Made Skunk Spray Odor Remover Recipe

Ned with Skunk
Who else would you call to get rid of skunks and skunk spray smell?

When you or your pets have been sprayed by a skunk the main thing you want to do is get rid of the skunk smell. We have a basic, easy to put together skunk spray odor remedy made from common ingredients, to help remove your skunk odor smell.

Be careful, however, as it can sometimes be an irritant to some animals and humans. It can kill some plants and grass and can bleach your clothing or pet’s fur.

skunk-spray-smell-remedyAlso, avoid mixing the spray ahead of time as it is not considered a “stable” product.

Skunk Spray Juice
1 quart of regular strength hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup of baking soda
2 tablespoons of any liquid dish soap

We’ve found this recipe to work well in the past, however, we assume no responsibility for your usage of this mixture. The downside is that it may bleach, as peroxide does, but the upside is that it works better than many store bought skunk odor remover products that you can pay a lot of money for. Forget tomato juice. The acid in tomatoes do not break down the acid in skunk spray like these combined ingredients.

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