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Do you have a small creature running across your bed in the idle of the night as fast as a mouse and with eyes that bug out like an alien? If so, you may have a troublesome flying squirrel in your attic or your walls.

The Oklahoma Southern Flying Squirrel

Sugar Glider Flying Squirrel Clinging to Skunk Whisperers ShirtThe flying squirrel is sometimes referred to as a sugar glider, scaly-tailed squirrel or small gliding opossum. Scientifically flying squirrels are known as Pteromyini or Petauristini. They are omnivores with a varied diet including berries, nuts, even mice.

Flying Squirrel Bedroom RemovalThe Flying Squirrel does not actually fly, rather they glide. Some experts claim that if a flyer is 80 feet up in the air, it can glide for hundreds of feet. A flying squirrel can adjust their flight pattern via their tail and wrist bone. When preparing to land, they slow their decent with a parachute style curvature. Flying squirrels have a typical life span of 6 years in the wild and up to 15 years in captivity. Mortality by predators such as owls, snakes and raccoons is common.

In Oklahoma, the southern flying squirrel is the most common variety of flying squirrel and they are quite populous in the eastern half of the state, including Tulsa and surrounding areas. Just the same, they often go unnoticed in the wild due to the nocturnal nature of their activities and their ability to blend in with the surroundings.

Although hard to notice in the wild, and sometimes in your house, flying squirrels can quickly become a hard to solve problem once they decide to invade your home. As a matter of fact, because of their troublesome nature and the extreme frustration they cause homeowners (who end up with flying squirrels in their attic or walls) some states have passed laws not allowing flying squirrels or sugar gliders as pets.

Sugar Glider Vs. Flying Squirrel

Sugar gliders and flying squirrels are two different animals. Sugar Gliders are not native to the United States, but because homeowners have let them outdoors on purpose and also accidently, in some parts of the US we have sugar gliders living wild and in attics and walls, just like flying squirrels. In some parts of the U.S., they have been banned as pets because they have become a nuisance species.

Signs Of Flying Squirrels – Attic And House

It is not easy to detect flying squirrels in your house, the signs are not easily detected unless you know exactly what you’re looking for – chew marks on wood siding smaller than chew markings by common squirrels, attic insulation with “peaks”, molasses like feces, and solid feces very similar to that of a common wild squirrel.

How To Get Rid Of A Sugar Glider In Your Home

Skunk Whisperer Holding a Sugar Glider Removed from an Oklahoma HomeTrapping is not the answer, killing and trapping sugar gliders and flying squirrels is a very difficult task for many trappers, and their methods can be harmful to the flying squirrel and the results will usually be temporary and ineffective.

Exclusion is the best way to get rid of flying squirrels in the house and attic. Exclusion is the process of making it so that once they leave, they cannot come back – done by fixing the building right the first time.

For exclusion to work you will want to work with a knowledgeable wildlife professional or company that has the required experience and who understands the importance of attention to detail. Because southern flying squirrels and northern flying squirrels are very persistent, every single hole on your structure must be addressed. If you miss one tiny hole, even just one half inch by one half inch, the flying squirrel will find it. They will search the entire house from your foundation to your roof peak until they regain entry. Attention to detail is mandatory. If you are neglectful or only take care of their current entry points, flying squirrel re-infestation will certainly occur. In short, exclusion done right is going to be your only permanent solution.

Flying Squirrel Solutions – The Humane Skunk Whisperer Way

Feeding a Flying Squirrel The Skunk Whisperer knows that when we receive calls about flying squirrels, it is going to be a fun project for us. Not only can we humanely solve your current flying squirrel problem but we can also help exclude them from your home and prevent future problems and further re-infestation. Sugar Glider and flying squirrel projects vary greatly in price from home to home and business to business because all structures and situations are unique. If your building has a cedar roof and we cannot coerce you to change to a composition roof instead, we will most likely decline to assist you – because your cedar roof will not allow for longevity in preventing future squirrel issues. A cedar roof is difficult to proof for bats as well. Trimming trees around your house will not exclude flying squirrels from your structure, but the combined overall effort of making your building unappealing to wildlife is what will help us help you be critter free.

Flying Squirrel Houses

We have found it helpful to give wildlife that we evict from structures a new place to live. We have gathered data from wildlife rehabilitators all over the United States to acquire the “ideal dimensions” for the perfect flying squirrel house. These are available and we strongly encourage this tool in our flying squirrel toolbox.

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