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Tulsa Bat Control

Tulsa residents are often surprised to learn that many of the homes in the area have a bat problem. This is because the area's Arkansas river, creeks and urban forest setting make it an inviting location for bats to live and thrive.
But getting rid of bats is not easy - it requires knowledge and the proper skills, timing, training and equipment to do the job right. The Skunk Whisperer® is highly qualified and ready to help Tulsans with all their bat control needs.
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Bats In The Tulsa Area

There are over 1,100 species of bats that can be found throughout the world, including the infamous vampire bat and the giant "flying fox" fruit bat famous for it's Dracula like appearance and wing span that can reach up to five feet. The good news is that neither species is common in the U.S., including Oklahoma - so they are not a threat to Tulsa residents.

However, Tulsa, Oklahoma does have its share of other species, and bats are actually a very common wildlife issue in the area. Bat removal is one of our most frequently requested jobs in the Tulsa area, and we are known for our ability to do the job right - get rid of the bats, clean up the mess, take care of the repairs and exclude your home from future recolonization.

The house seen in the photo below was a large home in the Tulsa area with bat problems. The Skunk Whisperer® team was able to successfully solve the problem, which included replacing the cedar roof with composition shingles as part of the exclusion process. Cedar roofs are very susceptible to bats and other wildlife and often have to be replaced with a more reliable composition roof to be able to prevent future issues.

Types Of Tulsa Bats

The most common kinds of Oklahoma bats include the little brown, big brown, red tree and mexican free-tailed bats. The most common bat found in Tulsa and surrounding areas is the brown bat, ranging in size from 3 to 13 inches. Red tree bats can also be found in the Tulsa area, but the Mexican free-tailed bat is more common in western Oklahoma.

Bat Problems By Neighborhood

The severity of area bat problems varies from neighborhood to neighborhood in Tulsa. Typically, bats are found most often in South Tulsa, North Bixby, Brookside and most of mid Tulsa. Recently, bats in attics are being found as far north as 81st and Garnett in the South Tulsa area.

The reason that there is a higher concentration of bats in these areas is because the food, water, and shelter desires of wildlife. All up and down Riverside Drive, there is the Arkansas River, which provides water. And the urban forest environment provides plenty of trees for shelter.

The photo below is a good example of just how much water and trees the city has to offer bats. An environment rich in water and trees promotes the growth of mosquitoes and other insects that bats like to consume.

Other areas of Tulsa, as trees mature, will slowly experience an increase of bats in homes. The red tree bat is also found in Tulsa, but it is seldom a problem for residents because it prefers to stay outside in the trees.

Bat Removal Services The Skunk Whisperer Way

The seasonal considerations of the bat removal process are often a surprise to many Tulsa home owners. This is because the bat removal process involves excluding bats from re-entering your attic once they have left. If the process is performed at the wrong time of the year baby bats will be left behind. The abandoned baby bats are very difficult to find and will most certainly die creating a new set of issues and an unbearable odor. However, there are still steps that can be taken while the babies are still present and you are waiting for the correct time to remove the bats from your attic for good. The Skunk Whisperer® knows what to do and we offer comprehensive bat control from start to finish, including:

  1. Prevention
  2. Bat Removal
  3. Exclusion
  4. Interim Proofing
  5. Guano Cleanup
  6. Attic Repair
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