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Bats In The Tulsa Area

tulsa-river-urban-forestThere are over 1,100 species of bats that can be found throughout the world, including the infamous Vampire Bat and the giant “Flying Fox” Fruit Bat famous for it’s Dracula like appearance and a wing span that can reach up to five feet across. Neither species is common in the United States, including Oklahoma, so Tulsa area residents can rest easy. Tulsa does have it share of bats however, and they are actually a common wildlife issue in the area. Home and attic bat removal is one of our most frequently requested jobs.

Some of the most common kinds of Oklahoma bats include the Little Brown, Big Brown and Mexican Free-tailed bats. The Mexican Free-tailed bat is more common in western Oklahoma than it is in the Tulsa area. Brown Bats are most common in Tulsa and surrounding areas ranging in size from 3 to 13 inches.

Typically, bats are found most often in South Tulsa, North Bixby, Brookside and most of mid Tulsa. Recently, bats in attics are being found as far North as 81st and Garnett in the South Tulsa area. The reason that there is a higher concentration of bats in these areas is because the food, water, and shelter desires of wildlife. All up and down Riverside Drive, there is the Arkansas River, which provides water. Because these areas have a higher concentration of trees and a large water supply, mosquitoes and other insects are plentiful. Other areas of Tulsa, as trees mature, will slowly experience an increase of bats in home attics. Tulsa, Oklahoma also has Red Tree Bats, which are not typically found in attics because they prefer to stay outside in the trees.

Bat Removal Services The Skunk Whisperer Way

bat-removal-exclusionThe seasonal considerations of the bat removal process are often a surprise to many Tulsa home owners. This is because the bat removal process involves excluding bats from re-entering your attic once they have left. If the process is performed at the wrong time of the year baby bats will be left behind. The abandoned baby bats are very difficult to find and will most certainly die creating a new set of issues and an unbearable odor. However, there are still steps that can be taken while the babies are still present and you are waiting for the correct time to remove the bats from your attic for good. The Skunk Whisperer® knows what to do and we offer comprehensive bat control from start to finish, including prevention, removal, exclusion modifications, interim proofing, guano cleanup and attic repair.


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