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Nuisance raccoons are a common wildlife problem in the Tulsa area and are often found in attics. If you hear thumping and growling in your attic at night, there is a pretty good chance it is a raccoon. Although they may be cute in appearance they can actually be quite destructive, vicious, and are dangerous to work with - if you have a raccoon problem it is best to let a trained professional like The Skunk Whisperer® do the removal and repairs.
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Raccoons In Tulsa And Surrounding Areas

Raccoons are native to the Americas and found throughout Oklahoma, they are most concentrated in the central section of the state, but are plentiful in other areas across the state too - including Tulsa. In Tulsa and surrounding communities like Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso and Grand Lake, raccoons can be found about anywhere in our urban, city, suburban and rural environments. The Skunk Whisperer® recently made international news when he rescued two juvenile raccoons from an apartment complex soda machine.   Read The Full Story

Attic Removal & Damage Control

Signs of a raccoon in your attic include thumping and scurrying noises, especially at night. Adult and baby raccoons make a variety of distinctive vocal sounds that you may hear as well, including growling, chirping and whining. You may never actually "see" a raccoon that has taken up residence in your attic because they usually sleep unnoticed during the day and exit in the evening when it is harder to view them.
raccoon found in Tulsa attic
Raccoons Love Attics
Raccoons and other nuisance wildlife find attics inviting because they provide shelter and warmth. Gaining entry into an attic is little challenge for a raccoon as they are excellent climbers and strong enough to tear through typical deterrents such as roofs, vents and soffits. Once inside, raccoons can do a lot of damage, including tearing holes in walls, destroying insulation, ripping open ductwork, and chewing on electric wires. If you have a raccoon in your attic, you'll want to get it out ASAP.
damage to siding as a result of a raccoon trying to work his way inside a home
Damage to siding caused by
a raccoon determined to gain
entry into an inviting home.
They also leave nasty feces behind which can carry various health hazards including roundworm infection. In other words, having raccoons in your attic isn't something to be ignored or taken lightly.
feces and damage left behind by a raccoon
Raccoon feces and damage
left behind in an attic by a raccoon.
Feces are one of the health hazards
presented by raccoons inside homes.
Raccoons in Tulsa attics are a problem that The Skunk Whisperer® deals with almost every day, not only can we help you remove the raccoon but we can help with any damage repair, clean up and sanitation that is required too - and make modifications to your home to prevent re-entry.

Solving Your Raccoon Problem Safely And Affordably

Raccoons are our second favorite animal to work with besides bats. Tulsa raccoon control can be surprisingly affordable and effective if you call The Skunk Whisperer®. Our quote "raccoon in attic" clients are constantly amazed at how little money they pay out of pocket not only to evict their uninvited, masked nocturnal furry bandits, but to repair their home as well. Insurance companies will often cover raccoon problems, although there are many forms of wildlife in the Tulsa area that are not included in most homeowner policy agreements.
If you have a problem with raccoons in your attic please be aware that adult raccoons can be very dangerous, so if you attempt attic raccoon removal on your own you are taking on a very risky venture - there are few other animals in the Tulsa and Oklahoma areas that can be more vicious. Raccoon removal is best left to professionals.
The Skunk Whisperer does offer trapping and relocation services, however, we also know how to solve your raccoon problems the humane way without killing, trapping or relocation.
Ned Bruha in Tulsa with a baby raccoon he's just humanely removed from a home without trapping
Bruha working with a baby
raccoon he's just removed
from a Tulsa home utilizing
humane removal methods.
It is our preference to remove the animal in the most humane way possible without trapping, and then make the necessary modifications to keep them out for good. If you live in Tulsa, Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso, Bixby, Grand Lake, Vinita, Grove or any other Green Country community please call us today for all your humane raccoon control needs.
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