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One of the interesting things about squirrel control in the Tulsa region is the fact that the types of squirrels presenting the challenge can vary greatly from one area to another - with one Tulsa neighborhood experiencing a completely different kind of squirrel problem than the one located just down the road.
The Skunk Whisperer®'s knowledge of the area is hard to beat and we know how to meet the unique challenges presented by all Tulsa area squirrels.
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Tulsa Squirrel Removal And Related Services

Squirrels are like furry little chain saws that will chew on your siding and electrical wires just for fun. They chew to mark their territory and to file down their incisor teeth, similar to what beavers do.

Squirrels just adore comfy attics. They are particularly attracted to the cozy insulation and inviting lumber atop your home. To a squirrel an attic is the next best thing to a tree with a view, only warmer with plentiful shelter and nesting materials too. But you do not want squirrels in your attic. They can make a lot of annoying noises, and also leave feces and damage in their wake. The scent they leave behind can even attract other nuisance wildlife too, including the even more destructive raccoon.

squirrel mom discovered in an attic watching over her babies
A squirrel mom discovered watching
over her babies in an Oklahoma attic

Many wildlife control companies suggest trapping, removing and relocating your squirrels - often advertising this as a humane method. In the Tulsa area they will usually charge you around $150 to lay a trap and often another $100 for each squirrel they carry off. If the squirrel trapper sets ten traps and live traps 10 squirrels, you are out over $1000.

exampless of the damage squirrels can do
Four examples of squirrel damage
to homes, trees, wires and roof

We do provide trap and relocate services to the Tulsa area when mandated by the situation, or when our clients insist on it, but in most cases we believe there is a better way to do the job. Our preferred methods are more humane and help prevent the problem from repeating itself. Avoiding traps will also help prevent baby squirrels from being left behind. Babies being left behind to die is not only a humane issue but they can produce a stink that can last for over a year.

Types Of Tulsa Squirrels

The Red Squirrel is a common issue in Tulsa attics and is also found throughout Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bixby, Jenks and Sapulpa. The Gray Squirrel which is more aggressive and territorial than the Red variety is the dominant species in the Sand Springs community.

a red squirrel similar to those found throughout Tulsa
A Red Squirrel similar to
those found throughout Tulsa

The Sugar Glider, often called a "Flying Squirrel", can also be found in Tulsa. They are nocturnal and seldom seen, so many residents are surprised to learn they exist in the area - that is until they start hearing thumps and bumps in their attic at night. Flying squirrels are most common in South Tulsa around Southern Hills, but they can also be found around the Gilcrease Hills and North Tulsa areas too.

Proofing For Squirrels In The Tulsa Area

Our humane team travels all over Northeastern Oklahoma and beyond to help homeowners with their wildlife problems from Tulsa to Okmulgee to Grand Lake and everywhere in between. We know the construction methods used in all these areas and customize our services accordingly.

The number one entry point for squirrels in the Tulsa area is the attic screen as seen in the photo just below.

The next most popular area is any place on your roof where the roof and soffit meet and make a triangle, the third most popular attic squirrel entry point in the Tulsa area is though the soffit vent.

The fourth favorite squirrel attic entry point, is where they can squeeze in under the roof and decking and slip through a space leading to the attic. As seen in the photo below, you can lift the shingles up and see where the roofer did not have decking go all the way down.

Gap between attic and decking
being used by squirrels
to enter and exit

This allows you to place your fingers or hands into the attic. Squirrels can use this kind of gap to easily get inside your home.

As it relates to wildlife getting in, we can solve many home construction problems with gutter covers like those seen in the photo below or with custom metal work utilizing methods that can help get rid of your squirrels problems forever.

custom gutter cover

Fortunately squirrel problems can be prevented and your home protected with proper control and prevention efforts. Each neighborhood in Tulsa has its own specific challenges to overcome, but The Skunk Whisperer® helps Tulsans every day and will know what will work best in your area.

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