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Humane Mole Control – Misconceptions & Old Wives Tales

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Skunk Whisperer does not offer lethal mole or gopher removal, and live trapping methods do not work well. Most people choose to have lethal mole and gopher trapping or poisoning done because it is the most cost effective method.

Our company offers the below two mole and gopher removal methods, but because they are expensive, most people choose to call companies who offer lethal control.

  • Castor oil applications to the lawn every other week all year long as a taste-deterring repellent.
  • Metal barriers to forbid moles and gophers from entering lawn.

When more successful and less expensive non-lethal options are invented, we will use them, but, at this time, we only offer expensive metal barriers and repellent applications.

When it comes to gophers and moles, there are plenty of misconceptions and old wives tales regarding how to prevent and remove moles without hurting or killing them. But for the most part these methods don’t work, if they did we would be happy to use them. In other words, quit pulling your hair out and putting it in the mole tunnels. It doesn’t work. Moth balls, chewing gum and ashes don’t work. “Mole ridding plants”, vibrating contraptions and killing grubs doesn’t do any good either. These methods are all a waste of time.

The “Kill All the Grubs and Your Moles Will Go Away” Myth

Mole Kills Scattered Across a Beautiful YardIt’s a lie. Don’t buy it, don’t believe it. If you went to the store and bought that expensive bag of poison to kill those grubs in your lawn thinking it would do you any good whatsoever, you’re wrong. Sticking a twenty dollar bill in the mole tunnel would be more effective than killing the grubs, as the human scent on it might scare them away for a little while. In our opinion, somebody invented a chemical that kills grubs in your lawn and found a way to make a lot of money off of it.

In fact, moles are not after your grubs, they are after your earthworms. True, if you were to dissect a mole, you would find inadvertent pieces of roots, foliage, and grubs in their stomachs, but you would mostly find earthworms. The thing is you don’t want to, or cannot get rid of all of your earthworms. But, you can water your lawn less, which will keep the earthworms deeper down in the soil, therefore, you will not see as much surface mole activity or the resulting damage.

If you want to invest your money in something that will decrease your bad lawn grub population, we would recommend properly applying a live organism on your lawn. This is called beneficial nemetodes. These will not only consume your bad grubs, (there are actually are good grubs), but they will also consume your ants, termites, fleas, army worms, and anything else they can get their microscopic teeth into. There are many different types of beneficial nemetodes on the market. You will want to choose which beneficial nemetodes are best for your specific situation. To the best of our knowledge, the company with the best variety of beneficial nemetodes available on the market to the general public is called Gardens Alive!

Other Useless Home Remedies And Mole Removal Wives Tales

Vibrating windmills, mole wheels, battery operated contraptions, thorny rosebush branches, fox urine, broken glass, human hair, razor blades, moth balls, lye, bleach, whistling bottles (bottles upside down on sticks), the mole plant, the gopher plant (euphorbia lathyris) as a repellent, electrical shocking devices, playing a radio with the speaker pointing to the ground, ultrasonic devices, castor beans, explosives, nuclear devices, car exhaust pumped into the mole tunnels, the “sit in a rocking chair and wait for them to move and then shoot them with a shotgun or handgun” method, pickle juice, red pepper, human urine, and flooding moles out with water are all worthless. When you’re done trying these useless methods, at first it may appear as though they worked, but this will be only temporary. If these methods worked, the guys making big bucks to remove moles from your yard would use them too. Basically all of the above methods are useless. And there is more bad news – there are no humane methods for removing moles at this time.

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