Wildlife And Golf Courses

If you chose to purchase a home on or near a golf course, welcome to the country club! Golf courses are irresistible magnets for wildlife, specifically raccoons, snakes, skunks, beavers, opossum, armadillos, muskrats, foxes and coyotes. These finely manicured, highly fertilized and well watered rural looking paradises are just that to wildlife. It is no coincidence that a large portion of all of our clients live on or near a golf course.
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Wildlife Problems Commonly Found
On And Around Golf Courses

A golf course's abundance of water and places to hide and hunt is attractive to wildlife, such as coyotes and geese, who may wander over to your home when they are looking for new territory to explore and exploit.

The lush landscape and rich soil are also an attractant to wildlife, particularly those that like to burrow and dig. Moles and gophers are a golf course's worst enemy, so golf courses will typically spend a lot of time and money to get rid of and drive them away.

What happens when skunks, armadillos and other lawn destroying animals get tired of the golf course? That's right, they will go directly next door to your lawn and your flower bed will become dessert!

These animals digging in the soil for insects, grubs and worms are going to go for the most lush lawns and flower beds in the area - that's you.

We have tried every single armadillo, skunk and raccoon repellent on the face of the earth, including our own nasty concoctions, but during a drought, none of them will work - and we've tried them all - there is practically nothing other than a solid fence or repeatedly live trapping and relocating the animals that will keep them from destroying your landscape.

Will The Golf Course Pay
For My Wildlife Removal?

Golf courses are attractive to wildlife. Part of the draw and enjoyment of golf courses and golfing in general is being outdoors and enjoying Mother Nature. Because of this, many, but not all, golf courses do not do any kind of wildlife control whatsoever and it falls on the surrounding home owners to handle issues that directly affect their homes, pets or property.

Home owner associations will sometimes pay for water dwelling nuisance animals to be removed, such as Canada geese, muskrats and beavers. But in our experience, they do not typically pay for problems occurring on your actual property or inside your home.

Beaver Removal

Beavers chewing down trees on and around a golf course is very common. It is also very common for a "lone ranger" beaver to come through and destroy a lot of trees and not be captured. It is even more common for a golf course or home owners association to pay for beaver removal and have the trapper be unsuccessful. Even if beaver trapping is successful, that "lone ranger" beaver can come through at any moment and overnight do over two thousand dollars worth of damage to trees.

We strongly suggest concentrating on our beaver prevention methods rather than wasting a lot of money on what trappers call "the never ending beaver battle". Beaver trappers love golf courses and HOAs because residents and golfers insist on having them trap beavers. Not all beavers will willingly hop in the traps and even if we have the ability to wave a magic wand and get rid of all of your beavers, your trees will still need protection from the "lone ranger" beaver that will certainly visit and destroy your trees next week, next month or next year. You can learn more about beaver control and protecting trees in our beaver section.

Will Getting Rid Of Grubs Help?

In our experience yes. If it is a dry season, a well fertilized and watered lawn is going to be attacked. If you spend an arm and a leg on grub killer to get rid of armadillos and skunks, these animals will still go after your worms and look for the grubs. In our opinion, the companies who market grub killer to people like you wanting solutions have no integrity what so ever. They are doing what it takes to sale a product. We strongly suggest saving your money for more permanent wildlife solutions because killing grubs does not repel skunks, armadillos or raccoons.

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