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Garage Door Seals

The area where a garage door meets the concrete is a common entry point that bugs, rodents and smaller nuisance wildlife such as snakes use make it into your garage. We can create custom fitting seals to help keep them out. Our seals are tight and designed to cover the vulnerable corners areas too.
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Custom Rodent Prevention Garage Door Seals

After years of trial and error, The Skunk Whisperer, Inc. has created a rodent-proof garage door seal. This seal bypasses your existing rubber or plastic seal and creates a tighter fit. A fit, as you can see below, that also helps deter large spiders, snakes and other wildlife from getting in.

garage seal blocking spider

Every garage door and the concrete slab it sits on is different, so results will vary, but, with the number one entry point to a person's home being the left and right side of the garage door, our seals are meant to protect these areas too, making these seals super-hot sellers for our company.

angle view of corner seal
close up of corner seal

In order to properly install these seals, the client must be home, it is also helpful if your technician can use a hand-held garage door remote.

single door example
double door example
single door example
double door example

Foundations shift, buildings and concrete slabs move. Not all concrete floors and driveways will allow the perfect seal we want, but rest assured, it is the combined overall effort of making your garage door unappealing to wildlife and insects that will help us help you succeed with being pest and nuisance wildlife free in and around your home.

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