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A wildlife job is both demanding and rewarding work. It takes common sense, compassion, a desire to do the job right and proper training to be a member of the Skunk Whisperer® team. All our professionals receive unique, cutting edge, hands-on and real life training regardless of whether they want their own office or prefer to leave those challenges to others and be an employee.
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A Career In Wildlife Management

Are you interested in a wildlife career? A career you'll look forward to everyday? Do you think you would love working with wildlife? You may be ready to join our specialized wildlife control team as a humane methods Wildlife Management Professional. Ask yourself these questions: Are you an outdoor person stuck indoors? Would you like to get paid to do what you love? Would you like to show the world that nuisance wildlife does not have to be trapped, relocated or euthanized to be controlled? Do you have common sense? Would you like to start your new career as a Wildlife Management Professional today?
the skunk whisperer enjoying a day on the job as a wildlife management professional
Bats, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, opossum and other wild critters move into attics, crawl spaces and other hard to reach places. Our job is to get wildlife out and keep wildlife out. It is very fun and rewarding, but it is also hard work. It is a super-niche career with upward advancements available. Skunk Whisperer® training can secure you a profitable and rewarding wildlife career, making you much more money than as a biologist or zookeeper - while helping wildlife and people in the process. You will receive some of the most comprehensive and unique training available in the industry. You will learn how to change and take control of your life and make a lucrative living in the process.
the skunk whisperer holding a baby skunk he has just removed from a home

Opportunities With The Skunk Whisperer

We are currently looking for two types of people:


Serious men and women that would like to be trained in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and then re-locate to a market in another area to open their own Skunk Whisperer® franchise.   Other options include owning the Tulsa office as well as the Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman office.


Serious men and women who would like to be trained employees in Oklahoma, who will help run operations here and train others who choose to re-locate to a different market.  
Our humane wildlife management professionals are responsible for removing "nuisance" wildlife in both urban and rural settings.
ned bruha showing how handling a wild squirrel in a humane manner can be a part of a career in wildlife control
We will not needlessly kill troublesome wildlife. Our proven humane methods are what make us different from other wildlife control companies, along with doing the job right the first time.
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