Our service area primarily covers the eastern half of the state, but we may still be able to assist you in the Del City area if the job is large enough to cover travel and lodging expenses.
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Most wildlife issues in the Del City area are created by squirrels and raccoons getting into attics. Because there are quite a few rental properties in Del City and absentee landlords, we assist with squirrels and raccoons in the attic rather frequently. In the neighborhoods around Tinker Gold Golf Course and Tinker Air Force Base. We receive a lot of calls there for snakes, raccoons, pest control issues, and skunks too.
squirrel in attic
A squirrel discovered in a attic
during a Skunk Whisperer® call.
Many people in Del City have swimming pool and ponds and due to the drainage areas leading through neighborhoods, it creates more places for skunks, raccoons and snakes to investigate. Areas closer to Sooner Park also experience a lot of stray cats, skunks and raccoons because people brag about illegally relocating their own do-it-yourself wildlife control animals there.
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