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In Mounds, we typically get calls about raccoon, skunk, opossum and snake issues - where these animals often create problems by hanging around homes, invading chicken coops and getting into attics.
closeup of a copperhead snake
Copperheads and other snakes
are often attracted to areas where
they can find mice, lizards and other
food sources - for example, areas
around high grass and tree stumps.
Most of the problems created by these critters can be taken care of with just a simple phone call to the Skunk Whisperer. Most of the snake issues we experience in Mounds can be temporarily remedied by manually removing the snakes. However, for a permanent solution, most of the properties here experiencing problems tend to require habitat modification. Often this includes feeding animals or birds in a different manner as to discourage developing a rodent population. This is because snakes are attracted to rodents as a food source. Therefore, taking care of the rodents will usually take care of the snakes too. But if you attempt rodent control methods on your own, please remember to be careful about using poisons. They can create secondary poisoning issues for other animals in your home. For instance, if your cat or dog eats a mouse that has been poisoned, they may be affected by the poison too.
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