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In Sand Springs, Oklahoma we most frequently receive calls about snakes, raccoons, and skunks. Commercial properties frequently call in regards to bird issues as well as skunks in parking lots chasing after insects under parking lot lights. Sand Springs animal control and welfare does not touch wildlife, only domestic animals.
goose taking up residency in a shopping center parking lot
Geese can cause quite a problem
for shopping centers once they
decide to take up residence.
Sand Springs complaints about squirrels in attics are frequently gray squirrels versus red squirrels, commonly called fox squirrels. The gray variety are going to run a red squirrel out of its territory and will be that much more aggressive protecting its territory, regardless if that includes your attic. Some of the more labor intensive squirrel projects our company has ever done were in Sand Springs with gray squirrels in attics. Some people call them grey squirrels, but the proper spelling is gray squirrels.
fox squirrel
Fox Squirrel

gray squirrel
Gray Squirrel
Sand Springs bat removal from attics is an infrequent call but when we find bats in attics in Sand Springs, they tend to be well established and larger bat removal projects.
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