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Becoming A Release Site

You can get involved and help further humane wildlife control efforts by becoming a release site. Being able to choose from a variety of relocation sites allows the animals we must relocate a better chance of survival.
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Becoming A Release Site

This program has been instituted to aid The Skunk Whisperer® and wildlife rehabilitators in locating suitable sites for the release of wild animals. In the state of Oklahoma you cannot relocate an animal on someone's property without written permission, and your property must be outside any city limits. If you have a proper environment for relocation, this can be a valuable service to help wildlife conservation.
By properly keeping track of areas where wildlife has been relocated we can also help prevent overpopulation on your property due to too many animals being released. For this reason, although we do have several relocation properties, we are always looking for more.
Please fill out the below form to get started and learn more. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
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Application Forms

Please download and fill out an application below to begin the process of becoming a release site for wildlife.
Both PDF and Word formats are available.
Don't like filling out forms? no worries - if interested, we can fill out the application for you!
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program or the information on this application, please contact The Skunk Whisperer® by phone or email.
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