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Grand Lake Wildlife Control – Ketchum, Grove, Vinita And Beyond

Grandlake Oklahoma Wildlife ProblemIf you have a Grandlake home or summer cabin in Grove, Jay, Ketchum, Disney, Vinita or other surrounding areas – it is not a question of if you will have nuisance wildlife problems – it is simply a question of when.

The Grand Lake region presents it’s own unique challenges when it comes to controlling critters such as squirrels, raccoons, armadillos, snakes and other wild animals. When it comes to wildlife it is important to remember that they basically want three things: food, water and shelter. The Grand Lake area offers all three and is consequently abundant with many species of troublesome critters. The mast-bearing trees such as oaks and the water itself attracts a food chain of wildlife and creates a food source for all animals. Shelter is abundant. Preventative measures are particularly important for vacation homes, this is because many Grand Lake homes are left vacant for long periods of time, therefore wildlife damage is often times quite drastic by the time it’s discovered by the property owner.

Common problems in areas such as Ketchum and Grove include skunks under homes and woodpiles, birds, squirrels and raccoons in attics, woodpeckers destroying chimneys, chipmunks and armadillos burrowing under foundations and sidewalks causing erosion, and opossums raiding uncovered garbage cans. Venomous and non-venomous snakes raid bird houses and love unkempt shorelines and thick brush.

Boat docks can also be a problem area, nuisance raccoons frequently destroy boat houses and defecate all over and inside boats and on the docks, while beavers destroy Styrofoam and wooden plank decks too.

The wide variety of properties around Grand Lake present some challenges too. Lakeside homes are often built right into the hillsides to allow the owners to enjoy the lake views. Hillside homes often mandate the use of taller ladders in difficult places to access on the homes. Consequently, we always come prepared with 32’-40’ ladders.

Boat DockGrand Lake areas such as Grove and Ketchum were instrumental in the development of The Skunk Whisperer®’s high standards when it comes to customer service and smart wildlife control methods for all the homes we service. It can take hours to reach some Grand Lake destinations so it is particularly important for methods to work the first time. Exclusions, attic damage clean-up and house repairs demand keen troubleshooting and problem solving with longevity in mind.

In Copeland, Vinita, Grove, Ketchum, Disney, Langley, Afton, Cleora, Bernice, Dennis or any other Grand Lake location, we can assist you.

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Lake Home Built Into Hillside

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Raccoon In Attic of Grand Lake Home



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