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Skunk Odor and Dead Animal Smell Problems Around The Home

dead-animal-smell-removalWildlife often enters the home through the attic where they wander around and get caught off guard by “Deadfall” voids. These voids allow the animal to fall behind the walls where they eventually die. Consequently, dead animals in the house are typically found in the walls. Within one day, the dead animal smell can make the odor in your home unbearable. Nothing can put your family in a hotel faster than the smell of a dead animal that has died in the walls. “Resident” skunks can also create an odor around and inside your home. Sometimes skunks have simply sprayed around the exterior of the house, but they can also get under your home and into your air conditioning duct work, creating a serious odor issue.

Location and Removal Services

If a skunk has sprayed under your home or an animal has died in your attic, walls, duct work or under the house, we can help. The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc. has the right equipment and experience to locate the cause of your skunk odor and dead animal smell problem and eliminate it with little, if any, destruction to your home. We remove live animals from walls too.

We treat every client’s home as though it is our own and we only cut walls open where and when needed. We use small, in-wall cameras to locate most dead wild animals with very little destruction required.

If you have a live animal such as a nuisance squirrel, raccoon or bird trapped in the wall, we know how to remove them alive utilizing humane methods, also with small high-tech cameras and minimal destruction.

Once the animal is removed, we utilize effective odor removal methods that include specialized machines, atomizers that work at the enzyme level, and products that remove the smell instantly and organically. We do not simply “hide” the odor with perfumes – our mission is to remove the smell and eliminate it for good.

If you have a wild animal in your wall, dead or alive, do not delay – call now – it typically will only get worse. The smell will not likely go away, but rather worsen over time. If a live animal is trapped in your wall it could do damage or die, costing more money in the long run than it would have to remove it when first discovered.


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