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Different companies take different approaches to wildlife control. On occasion circumstances may mandate trap and relocate methods, however, we have found better ways than trapping and relocating nuisance wildlife - ways that are more beneficial for both the animal and the client. One of the best ways to illustrate this is through education, consequently we have put some information together for you including relocation studies, answers to frequently asked questions, sample wildlife sounds, and even a home buyer's guide.
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The Skunk Whisperer® offers a large number of educational resources, and helpful information on various topics - something we like to call Neducation. You'll find relocation studies to help you decide for yourself if live trap and relocation methods are truly humane, a guide for home buyers, questions we are frequently asked by our clients (and answers), and sample wildlife sounds. Please browse below for more information.

You can also find information across our site on other wildlife related topics, including information on living near golf courses and the wildlife issues you can expect as a result, the ins and outs of the trap and relocate method, book and video resources and how to choose the right company.

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