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Wildlife Prevention is Key – Before and After You Have a Wildlife Problem

November 14th, 2011

Once again, it is getting cold outside and wild animals may decide that your home looks more inviting than a hole in a tree or in the ground.  Before you resort to utilizing your Red Rider bb gun, (you’re going to shoot your eye out), know that contrary to popular belief, it is illegal to use within the city limits. Place your traps on the back shelf or donate them to a wildlife rehabilitator because there are very few species in Oklahoma that a homeowner can legally trap on their own.  Trapping is typically a waste of time and money if you still have holes in your building that wildlife can enter. Wildlife is attracted to certain architectural features and others will soon return to the scene of the crime, even if you fix their entry point. Trapping is, at best, a temporary solution because another animal will soon fill the void in that territory and you cannot legally release wildlife in Oklahoma without proper permits. Mother Nature immediately replenishes territorial attic and crawl space invading wildlife – but she does not do home repairs.  Put away the moth balls and fox urine, and concentrate your efforts on money saving preventative maintenance.

The Skunk Whisperer® Wildlife Management Professionals can assist you with evicting unwelcome houseguests of the wildlife type, however, you can save time, frustration, headaches, heartaches, and a lot of money by doing simple preventative measures yourself by purchasing common items at your local hardware store.

Wildlife prevention:

  • Be certain that all garbage can lids are tightly closed, and never lay garbage bags on the ground. Your garbage can is an attractive buffet to wildlife.
  • Although disheartening to hear, feeding the birds is an invitation for a wildlife invasion.  You cannot possibly comprehend how feeding any wildlife can negatively alter your neighborhood eco system drastically.
  • Never feed pets outdoors.  If you must, bring food in at night.  Do not store cat or dog food outdoors.
  • If you feed an outdoor only cat, place the food on a sturdy restaurant style pedestal table so raccoons, opossum and skunks cannot access it.
  • Purchase and install a common dryer vent cover if your dryer vents out of a wall.  Thousands of dollars inOklahomaalone are spent each year remedying damage caused by wildlife entry through dryer vents.  The little floppy doors on your existing dryer vent typically are less than adequate. This $10.00 item and the ten minutes required to install it is less expensive than replacing a dryer with a decomposing squirrel, skunk, snake, raccoon or bird in it.
  • Keep your garage door closed.  Do not leave it open for ventilation or for pets to enter and exit.  Many homes unintentionally introduce wildlife dilemmas by unknowingly trapping wildlife in their garages. Wildlife may find it to be a suitable home, too.
  • Do not overwater your lawn.  A lawn that is abundant with mole & gopher food, (earthworms, not grubs) may be full of dirt mounds quicker than a dryer lawn, in some cases.
  • Keep your lawn manicured. Encourage your neighbors to do the same. Taller grass will encourage snakes and other vermin to call your property theirs.
  • Consider having a Wildlife Management Professional inspect your existing home, or your next home. Pre-purchase inspections by a Wildlife Management Professional that understands Integrated Pest Management can possibly save you thousands of dollars in future damage.
  • Eliminate brush and junk piles. Raccoons, opossums, snakes and skunks love this easy shelter.

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