Most Glenpool Oklahoma calls were for skunks damaging yards, invading crawl spaces, or making burrows under sheds. We received more skunk calls from this area than any other part of Oklahoma.
mother and baby skunk
Mother and baby skunk
Occasionally, wildlife complaints we received in Glenpool were also requests for snake removal, raccoon, opossum, squirrel, and the occasional ground hog. Glenpool animal control used to, but no longer, offers wild animal removal and does not loan out traps.
In the South East growing portion of Glenpool, we did an incredible amount of work to get rid of mice and snakes and did repairs to keep them out of people's homes. The most common home that we worked with is 1970 or newer with brick siding and an attached garage. This describes South East Glenpool very well. These types of homes are often invaded by birds in the attic and dryer vents as well as snakes, insects, and rodents.
Common Wildlife Control
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