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Oklahoma Area Wildlife

There have been a few changes lately, The Skunk Whisperer is now The Wildlife Whisperer and we have moved to Cape Coral, Florida.
Florida has some of the same wildlife issues that Oklahoma does - but with many additional kinds of wildlife and non-native exotic species causing trouble too. We will miss Oklahoma and all the people, places and wildlife that we've grown to know and love - but the particular needs and challenges faced by Florida wildlife and the residents they confront, are a challenge that we couldn't pass up. Florida has babies all year round due to their paradise-like climate and keeping families together as a family unit is our specialty.
Please enjoy the information that we have accumulated over the years regarding the wildlife issues experienced by various cities and towns throughout Oklahoma, and the experiences we've shared.
And last but not least ... thank you Oklahoma ... it's been a great 15 years!
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Wildlife In Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma is filled with thousands of species of wildlife from the rarely seen little shrew to the magnificent bald Eagle.
Here are a few samples of the wildlife that you can find within the state:
Black panthers have also been reported on occasion. Many species of Oklahoma wildlife can be found on the endangered species list including several varieties of bats, birds, fish, beetles and crayfish.
On occasion, several of these species can become a nuisance or hazard for homeowners and commercial properties alike. Simply trapping, relocating, or killing these animals is seldom the best option for the animal or the property owner. There is also the possibility that the wildlife in question may be protected, placing a limit on the removal and control methods available. The Wildlife Whisperer believes in co-existing with wildlife by utilizing humane removal and prevention methods.

Wildlife Control Issues By Specific Area

Some wildlife problems are more common in certain areas of the state than they are in others. We have prepared some information for you on the most common calls we used to receive from the areas listed below.
map of oklahoma
The area's lush and diverse topography, which includes numerous bodies of water, a humid sub-tropical climate, and small mountain ranges, creates an environment where many types of wildlife can thrive.
Some of the common wildlife problems we've seen in this area include those caused by snakes, squirrels, bats, raccoons, beavers and bats.
Immediately below, you can find a list of some of the towns we serviced most often, and the most common problems associated with each.
rural area typical of the state

OKC And The Western Half Of The State

The most common calls received by wildlife control professionals across the state will vary from region to region. This difference by region most often occurs due to varying climates and topography.
Construction and lifestyle differences from area to area can also affect which problems occur most often. For example, Oklahoma City contractors often use a type of vent that inadvertently makes it easier for raccoons and other critters to access those homes. Whereas, in the eastern half of the state, a stronger grade is used during construction, making this particular problem less prevalent in that region.
The prairie grasslands of central and western Oklahoma provide expansive ecosystems where bison, armadillos, rattlesnakes, and even badgers can all be found.
The Oklahoma City and central Oklahoma area lies within a transitional ecosystem of sorts and includes a mix of both prairies and woodlands.
snakes such as this one, the prairie rattlesnacke can be found in various areas around the state
The western half of the state is known for having a drier climate than the region to its east. However, bodies of water are still prevalent in the western regions as are the wildlife issues that come with them. Snakes are a common problem in many towns in this part of the state including Chickasha, El Reno, Del City, Mustang, Moore, and Pauls Valley.
Raccoons, opossums, squirrels, bats, skunks, beavers, foxes, groundhogs, geese, and coyotes, just to name a few, can all become an issue for property owners in all parts of the state.
Practicing humane wildlife control methods is a great way to show your support for wildlife conservation issues. You can also show your support for wildlife conservation by sporting a wildlife conservation license plate. In Oklahoma you can choose from trout, bass, turkey, deer, scissortail or quail conservation license plates. Proceeds from these license plates goes toward helping conserve over 600 of the state's wildlife species.
conservation license plates
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