Raccoon Control

Raccoons can do a lot of damage to your home, and they can also bring fleas, lice, ticks and roundworm with them when they move inside. If you've discovered one inside your home you will want to remember that it is important to quickly get rid of raccoons and take humane steps to prevent future problems. We can remove raccoons, fix the damage and make modifications to your home that will prevent recurring issues too.
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Raccoon Removal

Wild raccoons can be intriguing and interesting to watch. Baby raccoons, called kits or cubs, can be adorable, but it is important to remember that they can be covered with lice and fleas. Raccoon feces, or poo, can contain roundworms making raccoons a health risk to have in the attic. Raccoons can quickly cause extensive damage to your attic and home.

For these reasons, raccoons don't belong inside or around your home. Once you've discovered a problem, you'll want to fix the problem immediately. We don't recommend trying to remove raccoons on your own, they can be hazardous to work with so we always recommend calling a professional. We always suggest finding a professional, such as the Wildlife Whisperer, who knows how to do the job right - humanely of course, but one who will also take the necessary steps to prevent recurring problems in the future too.

Humane Methods

Trapping and relocating raccoons is a popular method employed by many wildlife control companies. It is easier and quicker money for them than more humane methods that involve eviction and exclusion instead. We offer trapping services for those times when it is required or our client's insist on it, but it is not our preferred method by any means.

Instead, we prefer to humanely evict the raccoons without trapping them, often via one way exits like the one seen below.

One way exits allow animals to escape harm free into the environment where they origonally came from - a method that is a lot less stressful than trapping and relocating an animal to a strange environment.

We'll also take the steps to make sure no babies are left behind following the mother's exit, a very important step to take during the raccoon removal process - a step that is sometimes skipped by other wildlife control companies. Leaving babies behind to die is not only inhumane but it can cause some very big problems for homeowners too.

After removal, we clean up and repair any damage they've done, and depending on who your insurance company is, we may even be able to replace your damaged attic insulation (now full of potentially hazardous feces) with little to no money out of your pocket.

We can kill the roundworm and its larva too that the raccoons may have left behind - leaving your house in even better condition than it was in before being invaded by raccoons.

After things are all cleaned up, we make modifications to your home that will keep future raccoons and other critters out for good.

Raccoon removal is a multi step process and it is important to do it right each step along the way, we have the experience you need.

If you live in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Pine Island, Boca Grande, Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel Island, Captiva, Estero or surrounding communities, the Wildlife Whisperer can help you with all your raccoon control needs from start to finish. We can even help you raccoon proof your home to prevent problems before they start.

Preventative Measures

Raccoons are abundant throughout Southwest Florida. Many of the popular construction styles in the area, including stilt homes and barrel tiled roof homes, have particularly vulnerable points where raccoons can easily enter. They can be very determined but, there are modifications that can be made to help make it very tough for them to succeed. We would be happy to help you regarding preventative measures and modifications to your property to make it more raccoon proof.

In addition to proofing there are also some simple steps you can take to make your home and surrounding area less interesting to raccoons and other wildlife. Feeding your pets inside whenever possible is a great place to start. As seen above, wildlife loves pet food! If you have to feed them outside, the less amount of time the food is available, the better.

Damage Potential

Raccoons can do a lot of damage and it is important to understand just how much, we have prepared information on this for you, including a few photos of the remarkable damage we have encountered at customer's homes.

Raccoons In Attics

Raccoons love attics, once you understand why it will help you with raccoon control in and around your home. Please visit the attic problems page to learn more. If you have a raccoon in your attic, we can remove the raccoon, clean up the mess, sanitize the area and make modifications to ensure they won't come back.

Do It Yourself Cautions

Below is a photo of a young raccoon being removed from a client's wall by one of our team. The mother had previously been trapped and taken away by the homeowner, leaving the juveniles behind to die. We were able to get this particular one out, but this case study is a good example of the negative impact improper DIY methods can have.

A lot of homeowners opt in for do it yourself raccoon control. The problem is, their "cute" appearance can be deceptive, they can actually be quite hazardous to confront. Trapping is often the DIY method of choice, but animals often get hurt, even when traps advertised as "humane" are used. So, if you are considering DIY raccoon control you may wish to read further.
A few years back, the Wildlife Whisperer was called upon to rescue some baby raccoons residing in an apartment complex Pepsi machine. The popular story was covered locally on television in the evening news, and nationally and internationally by CBS News, the Associated Press, MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Oblermann, AOL News Headlines and many more.
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