Scorpions were the number one call we received from the Mannford area. Scorpions love Mannford because of the rocky landscape, and they are attracted to the landscaping we find at most of the homes in the area. There has also been a dramatic increase in scorpion calls to wildlife professionals from Mannford that appear to be related to the fire which destroyed much of the area several years ago. Property owners in Mannford were looking for long term solutions and they liked the services we had to offer. Our professionals were knowledgeable regarding both pests and wildlife, which is was also a plus. But be prepared, in order to get rid of scorpions it takes several different attacks from different angles. Effective scorpion control requires the use of pest control products, physical repairs to completely seal the entire house from the foundation all the way to the roof, and a lot of habitat modifications will usually be needed too.
a scorpion presenting a problem for a homeowner
Scorpions are a frequent problem
experienced by residents in Mannford.
Wildlife complaints we got in Mannford were typically for animals living in the attic such as raccoons, squirrels, snakes, or opossums. More calls about mountain lions and Jaguars came out of Mannford than any other part of Oklahoma.
Common Wildlife Control
Problems In The Area

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