There are three kinds of scorpions in Florida, the bark (Centruroides gracilis), which is the largest and brownish in color, the Guiana striped (Centruroides guanensis), which is yellow in color, and the hentz striped (Centruroides hentzi), which is the smallest of the three and more reddish in color.
The bark and hentz scorpion varieties can be found throughout Cape Coral and Southwest Florida, and can actually be found throughout the entire state. The Guiana scorpion is not as prevalent, and with the exception of Collier county, is not commonly found in the southwest portion of the state.
Regardless of the species, or where they can be found, scorpions can be hazardous to have around and inside your home. Their sting can pack a painful wollup and some individuals could have a serious allergic reaction.
Exclusion and proper landscaping are key when it comes to scorpion control. The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc., knows how to exclude scorpions from your home the right way, and make your property outside less scorpion friendly too.
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Scorpion Control

Scorpions can be dangerous pests and they are not officially insects. Scorpions are actually classified as arachnids, which are 8 legged pests such as spiders, mites and ticks. The venom from Florida's bark scorpion can cause pain ranging from a slight irritation to severe pain. A sting could cause something as slight as a little numb feeling in the sting area or it could lead to something as serious as convulsions.

Our homes are perfect environments for scorpions to live, especially if you have carpeting they can live under. One scorpion can give birth to 100 baby scorpions, so exclusion repairs to fix the home are very important.

The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc., has "scorpion-proofed" many buildings with fantastic results. If you rely on poisons for scorpion control, you will likely always have scorpions.

The proper way to get rid of scorpions is to completely seal the house so they cannot get inside and do repeated interior and exterior treatments and via cleaning up any debris or scorpion attracting landscaping.

Scorpions can fit through gaps that are just 1/16th of an inch, so you want a company that knows how to get rid of scorpions and seals homes properly to keep scorpions out of the house.

Wildlife Whisperer, Inc., does both. Many of our wildlife exclusion property modifications will also help control pests around your home making them a multi beneficial form of wildlife pest control.

Until your home is properly treated and fixed by our professional scorpion removal team - do not walk bare-footed indoors out outdoors on your property and check your shoes before putting them on.

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