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Today’s Wildlife Control – A Variety Of Wildlife Management Methods

The wildlife management techniques used in the wildlife control industry today vary greatly by service. Trapping alone gives you no lasting results. There are more permanent methods available. A majority of the industry will simply kill or relocate wildlife removed from your property; we do not think this is necessary or justified. Many claim to be humane when in fact they are not. We will cost effectively provide you with a solution for your wildlife dilemmas without needlessly killing, trapping or relocating your nuisance wildlife. Even do it yourself trapping, relocation and humane live traps can actually injure the animal or the animal may inadvertently harm a neighbor’s pet or curious child. Research has proven that relocation can be very stressful, and often fatal to the animal. Wildlife is territorial – more will soon return to the “scene of the crime”, smell past occupants, and re-enter via inadequate repairs or via time proven entry points that you were unaware of. We know what to do to set your mind at ease and make sure it’s done right the first time.

Choosing The Right Wildlife Control Company

live-trap-possum-injuryThere are many things to consider before choosing which wildlife control company will be right for you and your home. For instance, are their practices truly humane or could the animal be injured or have to endure pain and suffering? Because we know what wildlife wants, we can provide you with time proven repairs. You will want to be sure that others arrange it so you will not be a repeat customer or have the same wildlife problems in the future. Hands on experience, knowledge and trustworthiness are important too. Proper state licenses, credentials and certifications are also a must. Photo: injured possum caught in supposedly humane trap.

No Skunk Whisperer® office in your area yet? Here is a list of the only no-trap, no-kill wildlife management companies in the United States and Canada. View the List

Questions To Ask A Prospective Wildlife Management Professional

Below you’ll find some questions to ask to help you better understand how your prospective wildlife professional conducts business and whether or not their methods are what you want for your current issue.

1. Do their trapping methods include live trapping and relocation wildlife control techniques?
There are disadvantages to trap and relocate methods – trapped animals can suffer, others will soon replace them, and you will likely become a repeat customer if proper repairs were not made. The Skunk Whisperer® will control your wildlife problems the humane way – and do it right the first time.

2. Do they charge “by the animal” or any “set up” or “per animal” trapping fees?
Do you want to hire a trapping business to trap countless wild animals that crawl through inadequately reinforced homes, or hire the company that can place you leaps and bounds ahead of a critter’s next move? Per animal fees may appear a good deal at first, but trapping is a temporary solution if proper repairs are not made. Repeat trapping services can add up quickly, especially when you may be charged for trapping the neighbor’s cat or other non- targeted animals. Our long term solutions can be much more cost effective. We will address protecting your largest investment – your home.

3. What will be the repercussions of their methods on area wildlife and the animal in question?
If humane wildlife control methods are important to you, be wary, some wildlife control operators will kill the animal once it has been removed from your property. You will also want to take into consideration the babies that could be left behind to die of starvation or fall prey to predators. In addition, baby animals left to die in attics or walls create a horrible smell that can be very unpleasant. The Skunk Whisperer® focuses on humane wildlife control methods; kind to wildlife and their young.

4. What kind of products do they use – are they for professionals only? Any poisons?
Poisons often result in suffering and painful death and can often be eaten inadvertently by the family pet or non-targeted animals. Poisons can also harm other animals in the food chain. For instance, the effect of a poison used to kill a mouse can be passed on to a dog or cat should they eat that mouse, dead or alive. Unprofessional baits such as tuna, bread or peanut butter often lure in animals such as the neighbor’s cat that you do not want caught in the trap. Easy to buy store repellents and products are often ineffective. The Skunk Whisperer® utilizes products that are both safe and effective.

5. Do they assist with attic damage repair or offer any follow-up carpentry or clean up services?
We are not a trapping business. In short, we get wildlife out and keep wildlife out. Once we solve your problem, we can clean up their mess and make your property better than before wildlife took control of your life. Does a trapping company offer you peace of mind by charging you for every animal they carry away? Would you feel safer if you hired a company that specialized in getting wildlife out and keeping wildlife out? You have a building problem, not a wildlife problem. We offer damaged attic insulation replacement and sanitation. Our solutions save many clients money on their energy bill.

6. What are their service credentials – Certifications/Education/Experience? Organizations?
It is a must that any wildlife professional coming to your home have the proper experience and education. Certifications often offer proof they are properly prepared. Organizational memberships can also be a good indicator, depending upon the organization in question. This is because certain organizations have requirements in place that are designed to protect you, the client and homeowner. The Skunk Whisperer® has a long list of professional credentials including the proper education, organizational membership and certification combined with over 30 years of hands on experience.

7. What are their business credentials – Insurance? Time in business? Employees? Reputation?
Adequate insurance coverage is a must for any reputable business, and important for any homeowner utilizing their services. The length of time a company has offered services in your area is often an indicator of stability as well. The size of the business is not always an indicator however, this is because humane wildlife control is a specialized art and not just anyone should be doing it. Our company is well established and is a recipient of the prestigious Tulsa Entrepreneurial Spirit award. We are very particular about who we hire and send to your home. Our operators are courteous, highly trained professionals and must pass a very thorough background check and undergo drug testing.

8. Do they work frequently with any wildlife rehabilitators? How are they thought of by them?
Wildlife rehabilitators work very hard to protect wildlife. Be wary if you are looking for a truly humane wildlife management professional and they do not have a wildlife rehab specialist they can offer as a reference. Our company is proud to work with several highly respected rehabilitators in the Tulsa area.

No Skunk Whisperer® office in your area yet? Here is a list of the only no-trap, no-kill wildlife management companies in the United States and Canada. View the List


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