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Pine Island Wildlife Control

If you live on the sleepy little island of Pine Island Fl, you know that when it comes to wildlife, the island is anything but sleepy. Rodents, raccoons, bats, squirrels, opossums, skunks, armadillos, lizards, even wild hogs all call the island home. St. James City, Pineland, Pine Island Center, Bokeelia and Matlacha residents are faced with wildlife control challenges on a daily basis. Raccoons and bats are some of the biggest problems on Pine Island. The Wildlife Whisperer can help you with wildlife control, raccoon removal, bat control, squirrel in attic problems, snakes, wild hogs, vulnerable lanais, lizard and gecko exclusion, iguana removal, Nile monitor trapping, and other wildlife issues across the island.
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Pine Island Wildlife

There are several things that make wildlife control on Pine Island particularly challenging for residents, including the many beautiful palm trees. The warm, wet climate, combined with the lush vegetation and plentiful water supply, allows wild animals and insects to thrive.

Many kinds of wildlife from tiny little house geckos to American alligators can be found on Pine Island. Bokeelia, Pine Island Center, St. James City and Matlacha all have their share of nuisance wildlife.

Construction and man made developments on the island have created numerous problems with nuisance wildlife. Construction styles on the island, including manufactured and stilted homes, can be particularly vulnerable to wildlife determined to get in. Spanish tile, barrel tiled roofs are vulnerable too. Large palm tree groves and fruit orchards give wildlife plenty of places to hide and snacks to eat.

New construction demand, brought on by the increasing popularity of Pine Island, has resulted in widespread clearing of land in the area. As land is cleared, wildlife habitats are wiped out, and the animals have to find some place new to live. In many cases, it is easier for them to simply move into that which replaced their habitat than it is to seek out a new one. New construction almost always leads to clashes between humans and wildlife, and Pine Island is no exception.

Mobile Home Concerns

There are some beautiful mobile home parks in St. James City, Bokeelia, Pine Island Center and across the island. These homes are popular and well cared for, but vulnerable to wildlife. Materials are easily destructible and there are many places around the homes that wildlife can easily utilize to gain entry under or inside the home.

The Wildlife Whisperer can remove wildlife such as raccoons, lizards and squirrels from inside or under your mobile home, or we can help wildlife proof it to keep problems from getting started in the first place.


How Our Services Can Help

We provide wildlife control services and wildlife removal for most of the nuisance animals in the area, with the exception being protected species. However, in the case of protective species, we can help proof your home, yard, lanai and property to keep the animals from getting in.

Although we offer trapping services under certain circumstances, we prefer to use alternate, more humane methods which we have successfully employed for many years.

Trapping alone will only be a temporary solution, particularly in Florida where there are many animals that can and will quickly take their place. Not only have we found no trap no kill humane methods to be the most cost effective, but they've proven to be the longest lasting ones too.

Our methods include exclusion and home modifications, which seldom involve trapping, harming, harassing or handling the animal directly.


Raccoons make up one of the largest mammal populations on Pine Island. Stilt homes are popular on the island and these are easy access for them. When it comes to stilt homes, the raccoon just goes through the unprotected ground floor, as opposed to going through the roof, and they're right where they want to be - inside your home.

Raccoons also attack mobile homes at ground level. All they have to do is tear away the skirting, which is no trouble for them at all, and they're in.

Once inside they can be dangerous, do a lot of damage and bring lice, fleas, and roundworms along with them. Raccoons are not something you want inside your home and they can be vicious and dangerous.

If you have a raccoon problem it is best to call a professional for all your raccoon removal needs. We can remove raccoons from your home, make the necessary repairs and make the proper modifications to keep them out or ensure they don't come back.

Raccoons are one of may kinds of wildlife that can do a lot of damage before you even realize you have them. It is always best to be proactive and proof your home now - before they've had a chance to get in.


Some Pine Island residents see squirrels as a welcome part of the island lifestyle, enjoying their amusing antics and acrobatic tree climbing abilities. We love squirrels too, just not inside or around the home.

exampless of the damage squirrels can do
Four examples of squirrel damage
to homes, trees, wires and roof

Once a squirrel gets inside or around your home they can chew on electrical wiring, chew the bark off trees, breed and make little squirrels.

A variety of squirrels like to make their nests in Pine Island homes from St. James City to Bokeelia. We get a lot of squirrel in attic calls, they love to nest in attics and have babies year round in Florida. Squirrel removal is one of our most frequent wildlife control requests.

We can help you with squirrel removal, we know how to humanely get rid of squirrels - without killing or trapping. Our innovative squirrel removal methods are designed to be long term and cost effective.

Our squirrel control services include eviction, removal, exclusion, damage repair, attic clean up and sanitization, proofing and prevention.

Many Pine Island residents are surprised to find out that flying squirrels can be a problem in the area. Flying squirrels are nocturnal and seldom out where they can be seen during normal waking hours.

Identifying a flying squirrel problem can be a bit tricky, as they are hard to spot. We've been doing flying squirrel removal and exclusion for many years and it is one of our favorite projects to do. Our professionals are highly trained - we know how to do the job right and pride ourselves on fixing wildlife problems for good.


Bats are a common problem on Pine Island, the area is warm, temperate and prolific in vegetation. The water sources are abundant and bats simply have everything they need.

Several bat species live in the Pine Island area, including St. James, Pineland, Pine Center and Bokeelia. These species include the Brazilian free-tail (also known as the Mexican free-tail bat), the big-eared bat, southeastern myotis, and evening bat.

Bat removal involves letting the bats out through a specially constructed one-way escape valve. Bats love attics and will try to return, modifying the structure to exclude the bats from getting back in at a later time is an important part of the bat removal process. Bats are a protected species in Florida, they cannot be trapped and relocated.

In Pine Island, bat removal is restricted to certain times of the year. We know when and how bats can be controlled without violating any regulations or causing any secondary problems.

If your problem occurs during the restricted season we can help you proof the living areas of your home to safely sperate you from the bats, so you can rest assured you will be safe until the proper time arrives.

Bat removal and exclusion is one of our specialties and we have been doing it humanely and successfully for many years - the right way and within the legal guidelines.

Lizards, Geckos & Iguanas

Lizards, geckos and iguanas are an ever increasing problem on Pine Island, made worse by the new construction in the area.

Smaller lizards and geckos love to get into homes and lanais. Some home owners find them adorable but they can be a nuisance and their droppings can build up and quickly become a problem.

Iguanas are fast becoming a problem for Pine Island residents, they eat vegetation, get into attics, grow to become quite large, and create all kinds of havoc. Iguanas have sharp claws, powerful tails and can be very hazardous when trying to defend themselves from pets or people. Nile monitors have recently been spotted on the island too, Nile monitors prey upon pets and precious wildlife.

Trapping and handling black spiny-tailed and green iguanas, Tegus and Nile monitors can be very dangerous and it should be left to the experts. We can help you trap and remove iguanas and Nile monitors and we can proof your home and lanai to keep them from getting in.

We are experts at lizard proofing, and it isn't as easy as you might think, so you'll want to find a knowledgeable wildlife professional. When it comes to what will and won't work, construction styles play an important part, we understand the construction styles found on the island and how to modify each accordingly. Wildlife proofing lanais is our specialty and creating a safe place for you, your family and pets is our goal.

Snakes, Wild Pigs, Armadillos And Other Area Wildlife

We've only discussed a few of the kinds of nuisance wildlife that can be found on Pine Island. Snakes, armadillos, opossums, rodents and many others continually give residents something to worry about.

We can help you with all these animals from start to finish, our humane methods are the most effective and we love helping residents co-exist with the island wildlife they've grown to love.

Pine Island is infamous for it's wild pig population. Although many residents have grown used to them, they are not an animal to be taken lightly. They breed quickly, damage crops, prey on precious wildlife, destroy landscaping and bring in parasites and disease.

If you have wild pigs on your property, The Wildlife Whisperer team can help. We have the knowledge and equipment to get to the root of the problem and remedy the situation accordingly.

If wild animals are creating a problem for you, give us a call and get help now, we know effective wildlife control, how to humanely remove animals and how to keep them out for good.

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