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Live Trap And Relocation Services

When it comes to our available services, trapping and relocating animals is not our first recommendation. We find that humane no-trap methods are normally the most cost effective avenue for clients and the most humane way to remove wildlife. However, a few years ago, in response to requests from wildlife rehabilitators, wildlife and domestic animal rescue groups and the general public, we began offering trap and relocate services. Since our initial test period, we have found that offering relocation has opened the door for us to not only better assist more clients, but also to better assist the animals.
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The Reason We Offer Trapping

For the first ten years we were in business, The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc., formerly known as The Skunk Whisperer, Inc. adhered to no-trap-no-kill wildlife removal methods.

Daily, we turned away countless trapping jobs in spite of the fact that we knew the person would only hire us if we offered them live trapping and relocation. Our response to those trapping requests ...

"If you simply want somebody to lay traps on the ground and repeatedly trap auto-replenishing animals, you will need to look in the phone book for a different company because we do not provide clients with temporary solutions."
rat caught in live trap

We thought that we were taking the integrity-filled higher road and doing the right thing for the animals, whereas reality was, we inadvertently allowed those animals to be slaughtered needlessly - in most cases via refusing to relocate them and telling the general public to call another company. Then, a few years ago, we decided to find somebody trustworthy to refer the trapping to so it did not go to a company that insisted on killing the animals - or the ones who joked about "relocating them 6' under with a lead injection to the head".

trapped beaver

Beginning that day in June 2012, Bruha struggled hard with the idea of providing trapping and relocation in cases where it is "mandated" or needed in order to keep it out of the hands of those who would not do it right. After an overwhelmingly successful test period in 2013, we quickly saw that we were able to encourage animal relocation clients to do preventative repairs and property alterations that they did not previously understand would save them from repeated future wildlife invasions. Until this point, we focused 100% on getting animals out and keeping them out via proper repairs and preventative repairs, manipulating the mother into removing and relocating the young on their own so they do not die and stink in the attic. Because this is such a new concept in the United States, and because there are only approximately 12 companies in the U.S. and Canada combined who do not trap as part of the solution, our finally offering the trap and relocation option has allowed us to offer more service options to our clients and to make sure that any mandated trapping is done as humanely as possible.


Things To Know About Trapping

Some circumstances mandate trapping and relocating animals, and there are times when our clients insist on it, but please know there are some things to consider before you make this choice.

  • If you trap and relocate an animal without making the proper repairs afterwards, new wildlife will soon move in to take their place.
  • Even traps that are advertised as humane can injure and harm the animal causing them a great deal of pain, suffering and distress.
  • It is important to know the laws, most states have regulations regarding what animals can and cannot be trapped.
  • Animals that escape a trap will do so being the wiser next time, and it will become more and more difficult to catch them in the future.
  • Even animals that are unharmed and properly relocated will be stressed, potentially leading to illness or death.
  • Trapping can lead to babies being left behind to die, not only is this an awful death for the baby animal but it can also create a terrible odor in your home that could require costly services and repairs. Our standard operating procedures mandate keeping the family together as an intact family unit.
  • oppossum in trap
  • A company may tell you that the trapped animal will be relocated, when in fact many will go ahead and kill the animal once they have left the job and their actions are no longer visible. We hear the jokes from other companies saying that they only claim to relocate, whereas they use a dead pit or incinerator to dispose of all of the bodies they collect each day. Others say they relocate, but have no legal relocation sites to do so. We have many relocation sites and do not over populate one particular area with too many animals.
These are just a summary of the reasons to think twice before choosing the trap and relocate option, and also the reason to think twice about a company that insists on it. Please visit our Disadvantages Of Trapping section to learn more about these considerations.
baby opossum saved by humane methods

If you are going to utilize trapping to evict unwanted wildlife it will be important to choose the right company to avoid the above pitfalls as much as possible. As part of our total wildlife control system, The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. will take care of the necessary repairs following removal of the animal. We know the laws, the best traps to use and how to do it as effectively and humanely as possible. We cannot guarantee the animal won't be stressed by the relocation, but we make an effort to see that they are relocated properly with as little stress as possible, and that they go to an area that is environmentally balanced and ready to support their arrival.

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