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Wildlife Damage Control

Raccoons, birds, bats, squirrels and other wildlife can do a lot of damage when they venture into homes, walls and attics. They can also create difficult to clean up health hazards in the process. It is important to find a company like the Wildlife Whisperer that can properly remove wildlife and also handle any damage control, repairs, sanitation or restoration that may be necessary. We can also help you prevent damage before it happens.
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Damages & Dangers Wildlife Can Leave Behind

Wildlife loves your attic insulation. Squirrels, bats, raccoons and other critters can not only damage your attic but they can also leave behind droppings which can carry disease and feces that can make your family sick. Nesting birds often leave behind dangerous amounts of dry grass and other nesting materials which can become a serious fire hazard.
pigeon droppings piled high in an attic
Pigeon droppings
in attic 3' deep
birds nest in vent
Bird's nest
in vent
bird nest in attic
Bird's nest piled
high on attic floor
bat guano nestled among insulation
Bat guano droppings
in attic insulation

Damage Control & Clean Up Services

Cleaning up after invading wildlife can be a nasty job. But somebody has to do it, and we know how to do it right. We keep up with the latest findings and utilize special extraction and sanitation methods to prevent the potentially hazardous materials left behind by wild animals from affecting you and your family's health, home, safety and comfort.
mother squirrel in attic
Mother squirrel in attic
watching out for her babies
raccoon peaking out from behind attic rafters
Raccoon in attic peeking
out from the rafters

Attic & Insulation Restoration

Do not let anybody needlessly scare you into removing your attic insulation to the tune of countless thousands of dollars. If a company tells you that you are going to get sick and die if you do not do it or if they tell you that they will not warranty their work if you do not hire them that day - run, do not walk, run away.
Some people in our industry are high pressure, commissioned insulation salespeople in disguise. Sure, mouse, squirrel, rat, bat and raccoon feces can hurt you and make you sick, but, high pressure scare sells are bad for your pocketbook, bad for your heart and mind and unethical.
The feces, roundworm and associated larvae left behind by wildlife sometimes needs to be properly removed or it can become a health hazard. It is important to choose a company that cares about your welfare and is knowledgeable and up to date regarding health and safety risks. They will also need to have the proper equipment in hand to do the job properly.
For instance, removing wildlife damaged insulation alone will not remedy 100% of the associated insects. We know the necessary steps that need to be taken to protect your health beyond simply replacing the insulation.
The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. is one of the first companies to be able to offer services for the necessary reduction of roundworm and associated larva in attics during the insulation removal process.
It is important to keep up with the latest findings, research on roundworm and larva has resulted in a process that should change our industry in a manner that will benefit homeowners around the world. Said process may eliminate most insects and roundworm larva embedded in attics.
We insist on the best for our clients, and continue to keep current regarding recent findings, while at the same time striving to improve industry standards through our own methods and discoveries.

Start To Finish Damage Control

When wildlife invades your walls, attic or any other area of your home and property, we offer comprehensive wildlife damage control from start to finish. we can evict your wildlife, repair the damage, exclude animals from re-entering, remove your damaged insulation, sanitize your attic, kill most of the roundworm, larva, lice, fleas and ticks, replace your insulation, reduce your heating and air conditioning bills, make your home more soundproof, and work with your insurance adjuster and contractor too.
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