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Fort Myers is perfectly located for much of the nuisance wildlife found in Southwest Florida. It is close to, but not right on the ocean, and the Caloosahatchee river provides a never ending supply of fresh water. Of course, there is the warm temperate climate and lush vegetation that wildlife loves, and plenty of land and wildlife sanctuaries in all directions.
Whenever you take a large urban area like Fort Myers and combine it with conditions just right for wildlife to thrive, there are bound to be clashes between animal and man. In fact, the need for humane wildlife removal methods that work, in spite of these particularly challenging circumstances, is what inspired us to move our services to the area. Our methods are perfect for controlling wildlife in and around your Cape Coral, Fort Myers or Lehigh Acres home.
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Fort Myers Nuisance Wildlife

Fort Myers is close enough to just about any Florida habitat you can think of; an ocean to the west, a river for its northern border, Lake Okeechobee to the east, and wildlife sanctuaries to the north and south.

The river, tributaries, creeks and wetlands give wildlife plenty of water sources, and homes in the area are surrounded by gardens and vegetation that provide shelter and food. Lavishly landscaped retirement communities, city parks, golf courses and recreational areas around Fort Myers also give wildlife lots of places to call home.

Consequently, Fort Myers plays host to a large number and a wide variety of common nuisance wildlife including raccoons, bats, opossums, armadillos, foxes, snakes, squirrels, iguanas, bobcats, lizards, coyotes, skunks, rats, and mice.

Given the favorable habitat, it is not uncommon for residents to have an alligator, bear or panther wander into their neighborhood too, in spite of its urban sprawl. In March 2016, as reported in a CBS News Story, a Fort Myers family was alerted by their son that there was a "funny dog" sitting on the porch - that funny dog turned out to be a panther.

With so many kinds of abundant wildlife in the area, residents are faced with a host of challenges including raccoons and squirrels in the attic, iguanas in the lanai, snakes in the swimming pool, armadillos in the flower bed, lizards in the garden, geckos on the walls, alligators in the river, rats in the garage, skunks under the house, opossums in the yard, and bears in the trash - just to name a few.

However, Fort Myers has a few advantages over other urban developments in the area, the homes in Fort Myers tend to be a bit older and their construction is stronger and higher quality than nearby islands or developments closer to the ocean. They have fewer canals running through the city than Cape Coral does, which helps as well.


How Our Services Can Help

Humane methods are our first choice for wildlife control efforts in Fort Myers. As prolific as wildlife is in the area, trapping will only be a temporary solution, animals are plentiful around Fort Myers and new ones will quickly move in to replace the ones you remove. Our humane methods are perfect for the situation in Florida, they are designed to get animals out, and keep them out for good - the humane way.

Our methods include temporary home modifications such as one way exit valves, and permanent modifications to exclude animals from gaining access to your home, attic or other protected areas. In situations where you are not allowed to trap, harass or tamper with protected species, our methods can often do the job without us ever having to come in contact with the animal, and without breaking any laws.

Raccoon Removal

Florida's temperate climate allows raccoons to have babies year around, and that means, at any give time, there is a raccoon out there somewhere looking for a place to have its babies. And what better place than an attic. It's warm, comfortable, has insulation for making nests and it provides a safe place to escape from predators and the elements too.

Raccoons are our number one complaint in Fort Myers. If you haven't proofed your home to exclude these animals, chances are if they want in - they'll get in. And there are about a million ways they can do it.

Food sources such as trash or dog food, can bring raccoons into and onto your property. The photo above of a raccoon getting into the garbage was taken by one of the Wildlife Whisperer team while traveling.

Palm trees near your home can be a great avenue for raccoons to gain access to your roof. After reaching the roof, they can be particularly aggressive when it comes to tearing through roof vents, soffit vents and other vulnerable areas to enter homes and attics.

Raccoons are great at taking advantage of any hole or opening they can find, including holes created by other animals such as squirrels.

Once inside, raccoons can be quite destructive and create a health hazard too. There is an 80% chance their feces will be infected with roundworm infection - and those feces are in your attic! These feces can quickly become five or more inches deep in some areas.

The Wildlife Whisperer is highly knowledgeable regarding the unique challenges presented by the raccoons in this region and we know how to get the job done in spite of those challenges.

If you have raccoons please call a professional, they can be dangerous. We know how to do raccoon removal safely and humanely. We'll clean things up and make the necessary repairs and modifications to prevent future problems.

Squirrel In Attic Problems

Squirrels in the attic are a big problem in the Fort Myers area. They have babies year round in this part of Florida, they are always looking for a warm cozy place to have them, and an attic is the perfect spot - at least from their perspective. Squirrels accessing the inside of a home create a lot of problems, including chewed up electrical wires, piled up droppings, damaged siding, and holes in roofs and walls.

There is also the problem of one animal attracting other, larger animals. For example, once a squirrel has decided to call your attic home, other wildlife such as raccoons are likely to be attracted to the scent.

The photo above was taken by a member of our team, while inspecting an attic they discovered a 6' high bird's nest pile up that allowed this squirrel to climb on top and take advantage of the window view.

We can help you with squirrel removal, we know how to humanely get rid of squirrels - without killing or trapping. Our innovative squirrel removal methods are designed to be long term and cost effective.

Our squirrel control services are comprehensive. One of the first things we do is locate the source of the problem, next we evict the squirrels, then we repair the damage, after that we clean up and sanitize the area, and last but not least, we make the necessary modifications to exclude and prevent them from coming back.

We also do flying squirrel removal, they often move from trees into attics without being noticed until they become a problem. We've been doing flying squirrel removal for many years, we know how to identify the problem, locate the squirrels and fix it so they don't get back in.

Bat Control

Bats are a common issue in Fort Myers, we love working with bats and the demand in the area keeps us very busy.

If you don't have bats yet, and you don't have your home proofed already to keep them out, chances are you will have them eventually. It's better to be proactive and prevent the problem from getting started to begin with. We can also proof your living area to help keep your family safe until all the bats are gone.

When it comes to bat control, it is imperative to do it right. By law, it can only be done during certain times of the year or babies will be left behind to die and smell up your home. If the proper modifications haven't been made to your home by the time you evict them, well, they will quickly return and the problem will keep repeating itself over and over again. Getting rid of bats can be expensive - it is not something you want to have to do more than once. Along those lines, it is important for bat control professionals to know how to identify problem areas of your home, areas where the bats are getting in. If they don't know how to identify these areas, they won't be able to properly proof your building.

Beautiful homes and buildings are vulnerable to bats too. We know bats - we know how they get in, we know the problems they can cause, we know how to get them out and we know how to keep them out.

Lizards, Geckos & Iguanas

Lizards, geckos and iguanas are a problem throughout the state. Their numbers are increasing daily and if they start popping up around your property, they could quickly become an annoyance.

Smaller lizards and geckos become a nuisance when they get into homes and lanais, if their point of entry isn't found and fixed, the problem will just keep getting worse and you'll find droppings all over the house. We pride ourselves in our ability to identify the source of your problem, remove them and complete the job by excluding them from getting back in.

The ramifications of the problem increase once we start talking about iguanas and monitors. Iguanas can do some major damage to landscaping and even your home itself. They love to get into attics and will chew their way if should they become determined to do so. Iguanas can also be hazardous to catch and handle, they have powerful tails they use like a whip, sharp teeth and long claws. They can do some real damage when confronted by humans, predators or pets. Nile monitors can be an even bigger problem, they prey upon pets and precious wildlife.

We are experts at proofing your home and lanai to exclude lizards and iguanas. Something we can do for you after we evict them, or before they become a problem too.

Skunks, Snakes, Alligators And Other Area Wildlife

The list of nuisance wildlife in Fort Myers is a long one, some of the other common wildlife in addition to raccoons, bats, squirrels and lizards, includes snakes, alligators, bears, skunks, rodents and opossums.

It is no surprise the area has a plentiful supply of snakes, considering the abundance of water sources, plentiful prey to feed on and lush vegetation in which to hide. There are three kinds of venomous snakes to watch out for in Florida including coral snakes, rattlesnakes, and the cottonmouth (also known as a water moccasin). If you think you are having a problem with snakes we can evict or remove them for you. We can work with you on various ways you can exclude and prevent them in the future too.

Because of it's proximity to wildlife sanctuaries the residents of Fort Myers can occasionally run into larger, more dangerous animals such as panthers, alligators and bears. In recent years, a black bear was sighted in downtown Fort Myers and a few months before that at an elementary school. The state of Florida has developed a BearWise plan to help neighborhoods learn how to co-exist with bears. Much of this involves simply taking away temptations that may be drawing them in.

Alligators can be a problem in the area too, considering the many water sources they have at their disposal. There are only a very few wildlife professionals selected to do alligator removal in Florida and it has to be done through their SNAP program, however, if you wish, we can help you with modifications to your property to help keep them at a distance.

Of course, the majority of nuisance wildlife in Florida is not quite as dangerous as alligators or bears, not unless you try to handle them directly. But once they get established on your property or get into your home they can be a real problem regardless. Animals like skunks and armadillos can really tear up your landscaping, some will chew or peck holes in your house, and others come bearing health hazards. The best thing to do is be proactive, take away the temptations on your property, proof your lanai, and exclude them from your home. When it comes to wildlife control, we do it all, removal, eviction, repairs, sanitization, prevention and proofing - and we do it right the first time.

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