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Understanding The Relationship
Between Pest And Wildlife Control

Pest and wildlife control are closely related services. Your chances of wildlife problems increase exponentially when mice, bugs and other pests are not properly controlled around your home. Wildlife issues can also cause pest control problems when wildlife brings fleas, bat bugs and other parasites into your home. Humane wildlife control methods that include exclusion often come with a side benefit - they exclude pests too. Consequently, humane wildlife control and natural, green pest control methods often go hand in hand.
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Understanding The Terms Companies Use

When it comes to choosing the right pest control company, understanding the terms companies throw around in their advertising is a must - terms like natural, green and non-toxic - because they are an indicator of what you can expect with respect to the methods they'll use and how their products will impact your health, home and environment.


Exclusion is one of the main methods we utilize to prevent wildlife problems around your home. In simple terms, exclusion can be defined as "keeping something out". When done properly, modifications that keep wildlife out, will usually keep bugs and rodents out too.

garage seal blocking spider

Spider being "excluded"
from entering a garage

In the photo above, exclusion methods have been employed to keep rodents and snakes from getting into the homeowner's garage, as you can see, the installed barrier is keeping spiders out too.

ant, tick and fly problems can start with nuisance wildlife around the house

Wildlife can bring ant, tick
and fly problems with them

Natural And Organic

You will often hear these terms used in advertising and most consumers assume they are synonymous with the word "safe". In actuality, these terms generally refer to services and products that do not involve chemically or synthetically formulated ingredients. However, the terms "natural" and "organic", don't necessarily mean a product is safe. For example, arsenic and anthrax are considered "natural", they can even be described as "organic", but they are certainly not good for you.

tree symbolizing the term natural

When you see the term "natural" used in a pest control company's advertising, that's okay, just remember that it is not a good enough reason alone to choose a service. You will also want to be sure the terms "green" and "non-toxic" can also be used (accurately) to describe their products and services - that is if you want to ensure their products and services are designed to be safe for both you and the environment.

Green And Non-Toxic

Generally speaking, the term "green" means a product will not be harmful to the environment. And that is a good thing, but let's take it a step further and insist on "non-toxic" products too. The term "non-toxic" implies that a product should not necessarily have an adverse impact on your health. Also a good thing. By insisting on both qualities, not only will you know the product isn't likely to be harmful to the environment, but you can be assured it is less likely to be harmful to you as well - after all, something can be safe for the environment but not safe for you.

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