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Lizards on the lanai. Squirrels chewing holes in the roof. Raccoons coming through the floor of a stilted home. Rats in the house. Snakes hanging around a dock. Alligators swimming in a pool. Iguanas digging burrows behind a seawall. Bats in the attic. Skunks under the house. An armadillo tearing up the garden. These are all wildlife control issues experienced by Cape Coral residents.
Millions of dollars are spent each year on wildlife control and damage repair in Cape Coral. Newly built and old homes are both equally susceptible to wildlife entry. Raccoons, bats, snakes, skunks, lizards, alligators, iguanas and squirrels are just a few of the critters causing a nuisance around the area.
The Wildlife Whisperer is based out of Cape Coral but we also service surrounding areas such as Fort Myers, Sanibel Island, Captiva, Fort Myers Beach, Pine Island, Lehigh Acres, Boca Grande, and other communities within the region.
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Wildlife Issues In The Cape Coral Area

Cape Coral is the largest city between Tampa and Miami. The collective of Cape Coral wildlife control issues are unique to the area - as are all regional nuisance wildlife dilemmas from place to place. For instance, wildlife creating problems for area residents include expected trouble makers such as raccoons, squirrels and bats, but more exotic animals such as iguanas and nile monitors can create problems too.

The climate and topography in Cape Coral are very inviting to wildlife - the canals, palm trees, warm temperatures and abundant food sources provides wildlife with everything they need and love.

In Cape Coral, there are a lot of newer style homes challenging wildlife control professionals, these homes were built with materials that are easier for animals to destroy than those used before 1970.

There is a lot of new construction in the area too, which means recently cleared lands and wildlife looking for a new place to call home. Often it is just easier for animals to move into your home, than it is to travel far away to seek one in another area.

Cape Coral, also known as the "waterfront wonderland", has over 400 miles of navigable waterways, and has more miles of canals than any other city in the World - including Venice! Consequently, the Cape Coral topography provides wildlife with a plentiful supply of drinking water.

Topography, climate, population, socio-economic factors and building trends - these are just a few of the things that can have an influence on what kind of wildlife an area might attract, as well as, what kind of problems that wildlife might create for the people who live there.

The Canal Habitat

Wildlife wants three things - food, water and shelter. The canals offer them a never ending supply of each. The photo below is a perfect example of that which makes the area a perfect habitat for wildlife - and one of the main reasons we decided to base our wildlife control services out of the Cape Coral area. Let's take a look at what makes this canal running through a residential Cape Coral neighborhood so inviting to wildlife.

One of the first things that comes to mind is a plentiful water supply. Snakes, alligators, iguanas, even bears can enjoy the many benefits it has to offer, including the opportunity to swim and hunt all they want. A few years ago in Cape Coral, a resident spotted a bear on a dock along the canal, just hanging out and occasionally enjoying a swim.

Snakes also love to hide under docks and shelter in concrete pilings, as seen in the video of a snake filmed at a Cape Coral residence.

Cape Coral has plenty of foliage and vegetation along the canals for both aquatic and land loving wildlife to utilize, providing many places where wildlife such as snakes and iguanas can hide. When they want shade there is plenty of vegetation to take advantage of, and when they want sun there are plenty of sidewalks, yards and docks at their disposal.

With so many homes built along the canals where wildlife is prolific, it is easy to understand why homeowners are constantly working overtime to keep wildlife out of their yards, homes and lanais.

Lanais like the one shown below attached to a home, are meant to keep wildlife out, but they can be vulnerable just the same - particularly if wildlife can find its way in through a hole in the screen. Raccoons and other animals can easily tear through many lanai screens. Once they make it into your lanai, chances are pretty good they'll make it into your home too.

We can wildlife proof your lanai and make it strong enough to stand up to more than just a small gecko or two, our modifications will keep raccoons, frogs, lizards, snakes and other animals out too.

Canal homes are particularly vulnerable, but you don't have to live on the canal to have wildlife problems, they can occur anywhere in the area. Even when a home is not on a waterway, animals still won't have far to travel to find it, and plenty of vegetation can be found throughout the area. The below photo of a Cape Coral home is a good example of the lush foliage found around Florida properties. It's easy to look at this picture and wonder how many wild animals are likely taking advantage of it.


How Our Services Can Help

Wildlife is plentiful in the state and many species are protected, or require special permits to handle. Our highly qualified professionals can help you with much of the nuisance wildlife found throughout Cape Coral.

Our methods include exclusion and home modifications, which in many circumstances, will never involve trapping, harming, harassing or handling the animal directly. Another benefit - our preferred methods are more likely to fall within the wildlife regulations set forth by the state and federal governments to protect certain species.

Many individuals are surprised to find that our gentler wildlife prevention and removal practices are the most successful and cost-effective methods to start with. It is surprising how many wildlife control professionals don't know how to control wildlife without trapping or killing, but we have been doing it successfully for years.

Raccoons Removal

Raccoons can be quite a problem for many Cape Coral home owners. Raccoons are plentiful throughout the area, even in the more populated areas of the city. In 2015, a raccoon was blamed for a power outage that effected over 8,000 people in Cape Coral.

These adorable masked bandits can pop your attic roof vent off like a soda bottle cap, dismantle your roof, remove your chimney cap, and be under your couch before you can bat an eye. If raccoons are a concern for you please read further to understand the problem better and to see how we can help.

Raccoons can and will tear through the sides of your lanai, but we can do the proper proofing to help prevent this from becoming the case.

As a matter of fact, we can help you with raccoon removal and prevention from start to finish - from one corner of your property to the other.

climbing to great heights to find out where the raccoons are getting in
One Of Our Wildlife Control
Professionals Braving Great Heights
To Find A Raccoon's Entry Point

Squirrel Control

A variety of types of squirrels, including fox, eastern gray and southern flying, commonly make their nests in Cape Coral trees and attics, making squirrel control a frequent mission for The Wildlife Whisperer team.

While these are cute, amusing, fuzzy creatures to some, they are troublesome, damage causing rats with fuzzy tails to others. Be aware that squirrels do not know the difference between chewing the bark off of a tree and chewing the insulation off of your electrical wiring. The cost of the damage they can do can add up quickly.

Preventative measures should be taken immediately to head off thousands of dollars of potential damage. We can help you with squirrel removal including helping you get rid of squirrels that have invaded your attic and damaged your roof and building.

Bat Control

The warm, temperate climate, and canals around Cape Coral are the perfect environment for bats. Bats live on mosquitos and other insects and the wet environment gives them plenty to feed on.

There are a variety of bat species in Cape Coral, many of which love to colonize in area attics. Bat control is a complicated process with many things that can go wrong and many government regulations in place to protect them. We've been doing bat control a long time and we know how to do it right.

If you're having trouble with bats, or simply want to prevent them from taking over your home, please give us a call - we'll know what to do.

Lizards, Alligators & Iguanas

From that adorable little gecko inside your lanai, to that fearsome alligator lurking in the canal behind your home, lizards and alligators are plentiful in Cape Coral and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Different kinds of lizards come with different problems. The little house gecko leaves droppings behind, the tokay gecko bites, iguanas destroy vegetation, and the Nile monitor is just plain scary.

It is best to seek professional assistance for lizard removal and control, particularly for larger species. For instance, Nile monitors can bite and their saliva is toxic. Iguanas can bite and scratch, and their tails pack a powerful wallop. And that adorable little tokay gecko, will bite and won't let go! Even if the lizards you are battling aren't dangerous, it will still take the proper know how to effectively proof your home, yard or lanai.

We love working with lizards and can help you get rid of them for good.

Alligators are one of the first things that come to mind when you think of wildlife in Florida. And rightly so, particularly around Cape Coral. The waterways in the area provide alligators with the fresh water they love and the foliage gives them lots of places to hide.

Alligator removal must be done through SNAP, and only their appointed trappers are allowed to do the job (see our alligator section for more info). However, we can still help you with exclusion repairs around your property to help keep alligators out of your home, yard and lanai.


Snakes can be a big problem around Cape Coral neighborhoods. The vegetation provides them with plenty of areas to hide, the abundant wildlife gives them lots of food sources and the canals lots of water in which to swim. Some Florida snakes are venomous and they should all be viewed as potentially dangerous.

We help Cape Coral residents get rid of snakes by doing snake removal the humane way. We love working with snakes and our methods help protect your yard, attic, home and lanai from unwanted invasions.

Wild Pigs

Wild hog numbers are on the rise in Lee County, including Cape Coral. And it's no surprise, the area supplies them with everything they need. A study by the Missouri Department of Conservation showed that wild pig populations can double in as little as four months.

There are a lot of problems that wild pigs can bring about. They prey on other wildlife in the vicinity, and can impact the populations of nesting birds and gopher tortoises just to name a few. They consume nuts and seeds that are needed for forest regeneration. They can become aggressive, destroy crops, and carry diseases and parasites.

The Wildlife Whisperer team can help control hogs around your property. We have the knowledge and equipment to determine how bad the problem is and remedy the situation accordingly.

Other Area Wildlife

There are many other kinds of wildlife found throughout neighborhoods in the region, including many that you might be surprised to find running wild within heavily populated areas such as coyotes, bobcats and foxes.

Wild animals can cause all kinds of problems around the area and the The Wildlife Whisperer can help you with most of them - as long as there are no state regulations prohibiting such activities for that specific species. And often, even when animals cannot be handled or harassed, we can still employ preventative measures and make protective modifications to existing structures without being in violation of any laws.

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