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A job that involves working with wildlife is both demanding and rewarding. It takes common sense, compassion, a desire to do the job right and proper training to be a member of the Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. team. All of our professionals receive unique, cutting edge, hands-on and real life training.
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A Career In Wildlife Management

Are you interested in a wildlife career? A career you'll look forward to everyday? Do you think you would love working with wildlife? You may be ready to join our specialized wildlife control team as a humane methods Wildlife Management Professional. Ask yourself these questions: Are you an outdoor person stuck indoors? Would you like to get paid to do what you love? Would you like to show the world that nuisance wildlife does not have to be trapped, relocated or euthanized to be controlled? Do you have common sense? Would you like to start your new career as a Wildlife Management Professional today?
the Wildlife Whisperer enjoying a day on the job as a wildlife management professional
Bats, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, opossum and other wild critters move into attics, crawl spaces and other hard to reach places.
Our job is to get wildlife out and keep wildlife out. It is very fun and rewarding, but it is also hard work. It is a super-niche career with upward advancements available.
Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. training can secure you a profitable and rewarding wildlife career, making you much more money than as a biologist or zoo keeper - while helping wildlife and people in the process.
You will receive some of the most comprehensive and unique training available in the industry.
You will learn how to change and take control of your life and make a lucrative living in the process.
the Wildlife Whisperer holding a baby skunk he has just removed from a home

Joining The Wildlife Whisperer Team

Our humane wildlife management professionals are responsible for removing "nuisance" wildlife in both urban and rural settings.
We are looking for serious men and women who would like to be trained employees, can help run operations as needed, and eventually train others who wish to join the team.
As part of our mission, we will not needlessly kill wildlife. This mission and our proven humane methods are what make us different from other wildlife control companies - along with doing the job right the first time.
ned bruha showing how handling a wild squirrel in a humane manner can be a part of a career in wildlife control
For you, this will be a career change and a change of life style.
You will be in charge of giving clients their peace of mind and home back to them while humanely evicting wildlife back into their own eco-system and same territory. You will do this by fixing residential and commercial buildings. You will be successfully doing what most people in the wildlife removal industry say cannot be done.
At the end of the day, you will know that you are making our world a better place and feel as though you accomplished something for yourself, wildlife and clients. It is not just a job, it is a way of life.
If you are interested in being an employee or contractor, please read this page thoroughly from top to bottom, including our criteria, to see if you qualify - then submit a proper cover letter and resume in Word format.
We don't have the time or desire to train individuals who just want a job or want to be on television.

We prefer people with a military background, but this is not required. You will not be guaranteed employment just because you have served our great United States.

If you want to be in good physical and mental shape, work outdoors and do something each day that you can be proud of, this may be for you.
wildlife professional helping a goose

What To Expect As A
Wildlife Whisperer Field Professional

Please keep in mind, this career isn't for everybody, but it is the only career and way of life for others.

They wouldn't have it any other way - and neither would we.

Working Conditions & Requirements

Working with nuisance wildlife means being ready for just about any condition you can imagine - from driving on ice and snow when it is 20 degrees below, to crawling in a cave or climbing a 40' ladder to access a chimney when it is 115".

As a Humane Wildlife Management Professional field operator and handy man - or woman, you can expect to spend 80% of your physically demanding days on a ladder and a roof in all weather conditions doing simple to complex repairs in what can be considered dangerous and difficult to reach areas.

ladder work

The humane way of wildlife control is not usually the quick and easy way.

Upper body strength for ladder control and being very agile is mandatory.

If you are scared of multi-tasking, responsibility, being asked to use common sense to solve problems on your own, having your work re-checked for quality control, taking hundreds of photos of your before and after work is completed, reading a lot in order to learn more about wildlife, working alone, hard work, wild animals, getting dirty, hot or cold weather, rain, snow, talking to people, heights, and having intense checks run on your background, drug use and driving record - this job may not be for you.

You will typically work alone and in all weather conditions.

Sample Job Responsibilities

As a wildlife professional, you need to be ready for just about anything, have the proper tools in hand, and be prepared to go where wildlife goes - some things you'll need to be ready for are as follows:

  • Extensive work on roofs, in attics and crawl spaces
    Doing alterations on a roof mandates that you are not afraid of heights. Take a look at a two story house and imagine yourself on the roof. Three out of ten people who think they are not afraid of heights are wrong and therefore wasted a lot of time and money thinking this was a career for them.
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Climbing and lifting tall ladders to reach extreme heights
  • Taking care of 1 to 2 dozen clients at a time, including scheduling jobs
  • Working with tools and lifting heavy objects
  • Working throughout the year in all kinds of weather
  • Working evenings and weekends
  • Working with "dangerous" animals
Subsequent job requirements include:
  • No fear of heights or climbing tall ladders
  • No fear of confined spaces or dark environments
  • The ability to fit through small holes
  • No fear of interacting with people or working with others
  • The ability to lift your own weight
  • Be 250 pounds or less due to OSHA regulations on ladder weight limits

Please note the below photos and the green arrow pointing to a frequently repaired animal entry area. We use hook ladders, ladder stand-offs and tall ladders at atypical angles to accomplish our missions.

photo of home showing sample work areas

Compensation & Supplies

Field Professional pay is up to you because we prefer to have contractors vs employees. Your construction skills, quick learning, willingness to further educate yourself about wildlife via extra-curricular reading, multi-tasking, leadership, self-starting, emergency call availability, and organizational skills will make you a considerable amount of money.


Background Check & Drug Testing

You will be required to undergo a background investigation, drug testing and a D.M.V. investigation.

Background blemishes will not exclude you, but will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Applying For A Career With Us

The below skills can be taught, but you must want to learn and you are more valuable to us if you have these skills already:
1. Are you afraid of heights?
2. Are you good at tooling silicone and caulk?
3. Do you have experience with 28', 32' and 40' ladders?
4. Because it is applicable, what is your height and weight?
5. Have you previously supervised work crews or other individuals?
6. Do you have the ability to pass a drug test, a D.M.V. check, and background screening?
7. Are you physically agile, capable of carrying heavy ladders and able to lift your own weight?
8. Are you comfortable talking to others and working with homeowners and the general public?
9. Do you have an operable computer with easy access to email and the internet in your home, and on your smart phone?
10. Are you a self-starter, able to work unsupervised and prioritize your day, clients and workload?
11. Do you have the basic commercial tools?
12. Are you willing and able to spend a majority of your work day moving and climbing 32′ aluminum ladders, working in high places and walking on roofs?
13. Would you like to own your own business, or would you rather leave those challenges to someone else?
14. What is your current address and do you plan on moving in the next few years?
15. Are you able to work occasional unpredictable hours at a moment's notice without negative ramifications to your family or the company?

If you are interested in being a Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. employee, please understand that our time is valuable, so calls and e-mails may not be returned if we do not have a properly submitted resume and cover letter. Your skill at following directions on this page directly reflects upon you and is considered in the hiring process.

We will only return calls and e-mails from those who have first properly submitted their cover letter addressing the above concerns, along with your resume, and both documents in Word Document format to ...

Serious inquiries only. Once we have received and reviewed your resume and cover letter, we will contact you. Calling us prior to completion to the above needed tasks will not behoove you in the hiring process.

career professional removing a raccoon from the wall
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