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Interesting Snake Facts and Information

Racer Snake SunbathingThere are so many interesting facts about snakes and the snake information available today is fascinating.

Snakes are reptiles which puts them in the same animal family as turtles, lizards and crocodiles.

The term “poisonous” is a quite commonly used verbiage to describe snakes with fangs and venom, those we think of as dangerous and poisonous, however the word “venomous” is actually the correct term.

Snakes have most of the same internal bodily organs that we do, including a heart, lungs, gall bladder, kidney, pancreas and stomach, but they do not have eyelids, external protruding ears, arms or legs.

They are not slimy but are covered with smooth to the touch armor like plates (scales) that help protect them from hot sand, tree bark, rocks and other rough surfaces. Snakes moult, which means they shed their skin seasonally during the year, at which time a new layer, waiting and ready, immediately takes over.

Snake Training
Snake removal should be done by properly trained professionals so nobody gets hurt. Here is a team of The Skunk Whisperer employees receiving snake removal training.

All snakes use their tongue to smell and analyze their surrounding environment, including for prey and intruders such as humans. They also detect vibrations in the ground and air to help determine the size of available prey or other approaching animal. Some snakes, including most poisonous ones, have an infrared sensing function that allows them to locate warm blooded prey and other such animals that generate heat.

Snakes move by contracting and releasing their muscles, moving forward or sideways quickly. In spite of popular belief, snakes do not chase humans, but they may move toward a person if that person is between them and where they want to go. And snakes will defend themselves if threatened, cornered or surprised.

A snake’s teeth are not used for chewing, but rather for grabbing or hooking their prey, where it is then swallowed whole. A snake’s jaws are not rigidly connected at the back which allows them to expand and swallow prey larger than their own head. All Oklahoma snakes have teeth but only venomous ones have fangs. The fangs are connected to sacks of poison that it releases into the prey when the victim is bitten.

Snake Removal
Snake Removal and Prevention
We prevent snake access around your home via time proven snake exclusion methods.

Simple Steps to Prevent Snakes
Snakes in the Attic and Climbing Walls Raccoons, squirrels and rats are not the only wildlife that can make it into your attic – snakes can too.

Venomous Oklahoma Snakes – Pit Vipers

oklahoma-snake-information-copperheadVenomous snakes, also known as pit vipers, found in the state of Oklahoma include the dangerous Cottonmouth, Copperhead and Rattlesnake. Cottonmouths, also sometimes called Water Moccasins, are a heavy bodied water snake that often swims on top of the water with their head in the air. Not all Oklahoma water snakes are Cottonmouths. Copperheads are found often in woodland and rocky areas close to water. Piles of rocks, logs and debris are particularly attractive areas of shelter for them. The rattlesnake is often associated with Arizona, New Mexico and the dry desert states. However, several species of rattlesnake can be found throughout the state of Oklahoma too.

The types of poisonous rattlesnakes found throughout the state of Oklahoma include the Pygmy, Prairie, Timber, Diamondback and Massasauga. Rattlesnakes get their name from the rattle sound their tail makes when threatened. The Cottonmouth from their defensive habit of opening their mouth to expose it’s white lining when threatened. And the copperhead snake of course gets it’s name from it’s copper colored head.

There are over 40 species of snakes native to the state of Oklahoma, most
of which are not poisonous pit vipers – just the same, for safety reasons …

Always treat all snakes as though they are venomous!

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snake found in a garage door opener mechanism

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