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Venomous Snake Removal And Nuisance Wildlife Exclusion Services

copperhead-venomous-snake-removalThere are poisonous snakes in Oklahoma and it is very important to treat all snakes as though they are venomous! Snakes are not poisonous, they are actually venomous. Often it is hard to tell what kind of snake you have stumbled upon, poisonous or not, without getting up close and personal – something you do not want to do with a dangerous venomous snake such as an Oklahoma Copperhead, Water Moccasin (Cottonmouth) or Rattlesnake.

garage-door-opener-snakeWe prevent snake access around your home via time proven snake exclusion methods. It does not matter if you have a nuisance black rat snake or rattlesnake, copperhead, water moccasin, cottonmouth or garter snake. The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc. can assist you with all of your reptile snake problems. We know how to get rid of snakes and provide snake control. Simply utilizing traditional snake trapping with inhumane snake traps is unlikely to solve your problem.

We can humanely remove snakes from under your home, business attic or crawl space before they have their babies! One snake is bad enough – imagine a whole family.

Snake repellents

Sometimes it is just not practical to constantly remove snakes and a snake repellent is needed. Do not waste your money with “Snake Away” or other toxic moth ball and sulfur snake repellents, give us a call if you need an all natural, non-toxic snake repellent.

Photos Picture to left; a snake encountered by Ned Bruha on a snake removal mission that was caught in the homeowners garage door opener. To right; Ned Bruha catching a venomous copperhead.

Snake Removal Prevention
Note the green arrow on the photo on the right (click image to enlarge). It is pointing at the head of a 5 ½’ black rat snake sticking out of a small weep hole on a brick house, under the charcoal grill. This snake was not stuck; it was coming and going freely from this snake removal client’s walls through the weep holes and attic. These weep holes are indeed small, but a large snake does not need a large hole to gain entry into a building. Weep holes are needed to allow many brick buildings to breathe, so we custom installed weep hole covers to remedy this snake issue once we got rid of the snake. We know how to get rid of snakes, remove, and also relocate snakes if mandatory.

Safety Tips To Help Prevent Snakes From Coming Around Your Home

You can save a lot of money by using prevention as your main weapon against snakes… the best way to manage nuisance wildlife problems is via preventative maintenance. Basic, but vitally important changes will drastically help you get rid of snakes. Grass must be kept short; this includes your neighbor’s grass. If your neighbors have tall grass, you may still get snakes. If your neighborhood has rat or mouse issues, snakes will follow. Do not feed wildlife; the food will attract mice or rats. Eliminate junk and brush piles. Tree trimming, home repairs, a well maintained property and garbage control will also go a very long way.

steps-to-prevent-snakesTree Trimming:

  • Trim or remove trees so that they are 12-20′ from home and outbuildings.
  • Trim and remove trees with a budget in mind. Trees grow up to 3′ a year!
  • Trim vines, bushes and trees 12-20′ from all fences.
  • Only allow wildlife resistant fences to touch house (do not provide them a ladder. Wrought iron spiked fences with decorative finials can be made unattractive to wildlife).
  • Snakes love attics – do not give them a ladder to your roof.

dangerous-poisonous-prairie-rattlesnakeHome Maintenance and Repairs:

  • A majority of the calls we get are due to roofing problems.
  • Replace damaged and rotted siding and trim.
  • Have us install a chimney caps and covers on your house vents.
  • Block access to the underside of buildings, porches and decks.
  • A cedar roof is an invitation to insects and wildlife.

non-poisonous-rat-snakeGeneral Snake Prevention:

  • Tightly cover all garbage cans.
  • Do not feed your pets outdoors.
  • Do not feed the birds.
  • Do not feed the squirrels.
  • Cut and remove thick underbrush.
  • Eliminate brush and garbage piles.
  • Mow your lawn frequently. Encourage neighbors to do the same.
  • Tall grass will make your property more attractive to snakes.
  • If you have a rat or mouse problem, snakes will soon join the party.

Venomous Oklahoma Snakes    Interesting Snake Facts

Snakes Climbing Wall into Attic

snake found in a garage door opener mechanism

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