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Removal Services – Snake In Attic – Videos Of Snakes Climbing Walls

Snake Squirming On WallRaccoons, squirrels and rats are not the only wildlife that can make it into your attic – snakes can too. Snakes tend to go where rodents do and if you have mice or rats in your attic chances are that a snake will eventually catch their scent and go in after them. Snakes often use trees to access attics via the roof, and as seen in the below videos, snakes have also been known to climb outside walls to access the upper regions of your home. If you have a snake in attic problem or snakes anywhere else in your home, The Skunk Whisperer® can get them out and prevent them from getting back in. You can also take proactive, preventative measures now and utilize the services of The Skunk Whisperer® to proof your home to prevent wildlife from entering in the first place. The below snake videos show how easily a snake can climb a wall.

Snake in Attic and Walls
The use of a glue trap to catch this snake in an attic cost this particular client a lot of money… while still on the glue traps, the snake managed to fall down into a wall. The entire house smelled like dead fish rotting. The glue trap and snake were found at chest level in the wall. Glue boards caught half way up a wall are difficult to find and troubleshoot. Call a snake removal professional to get rid of snakes in your house or attic.

snake found in a garage door opener mechanism

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