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Nuisance Wild Bird at Restaurant Wild birds can be a terrible nuisance, as they insist on making nests and roosting in the worst possible places. Droppings can carry disease and parasites, and nests inside the home present a fire hazard. The large nest we found in the attic below was made entirely of pine needles.

It is not understood by most people, but birds in your attic or birds in your home, are typically a warning sign of worse things to come. In many cases, first our clients get birds; second, they get squirrels, and then raccoons. Why in this order? Because squirrels are omnivores, therefore they are not only attracted to all the nesting material, feces and birthing fluids from the birds – but also to their eggs and baby birds as a food source. The squirrels chew the bird entrance point, making the holes larger, and that, along with their fluids and smells, attracts the curious raccoons – the worst case scenario. Birds in your attic, birds roosting on your attic louvers or birds in your attic roof vents are a warning sign. Call us today for pigeon problems and removal. Call us today for all bird removal and prevention. We can get rid of birds!

Birds are bad for businesses, retail shops and restaurants. How much money can your business save on power washing and bird feces clean up? How much will not having bird problems improve your image? Your retail clients don’t want to worry about troublesome birds while shopping. Bird spikes and netting are not fix alls, as evidenced in the photos below. We specialize in bird control and bird management projects where the others have tried and failed. Getting rid of birds requires expertise.

From birds in the attic, to birds in your home, to the birds soiling your business signs, we know what to do. If you’re in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or surrounding areas, and you have had somebody else try to remedy your messy nuisance bird control dilemmas and they have failed – call us – that is what The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc. specializes in. Stellar customer service and product knowledge is the only thing that will take care of wild bird problems. Let us do it right, the first time.

Bird Spikes Detterent Failure  Pigeon Droppings in an Attic  Bird Poop and Feces Problems  Wild Bird Nest in Attic Problem

Photo Descriptions: (four photos in above row, left to right) 1. Bird deterrent spikes, an unsuccessful attempt at bird control as evidenced by poop in photo 2. Pigeon droppings three feet high found in attic, the Skunk Whisperer offers attic restoration and insulation replacement services 3. Bird droppings problem around home 4. Large nuisance wild bird nest overtaking an attic, made of pine needles, a fire hazard

The Bird Barrier LogoIn Oklahoma, we have a Certified Bird Control Specialist, (BCS), and are a certified Bird Barrier approved installer. That is a certification that few wildlife control professionals have. You can throw away those plastic owls covered in germ-filled bird poop and let The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc. set your mind at ease with humane, yet effective bird control products for home, business or yard.

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