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Woodpecker in Chimney Pecking, otherwise known as drumming, is done on objects such as chimney caps as a territorial display in order to attract other woodpeckers. They are saying, “Hey everybody, this is my territory – look at me! I am beautiful” Unfortunately, they are not as beautiful to the homeowner. Wild birds such as flickers, sapsuckers, woodpecker, piciformes and wrynecks can all destroy buildings quickly. Woodpeckers drumming on your chimney can drive you crazy, and baby woodpeckers in the wall can result in many sleepless nights. You do not need woodpeckers nesting in the side of your house, without paying rent. States damaged by Ice storms, such as Oklahoma, will be plagued by woodpeckers particularly hard. In such areas, a lot of the dead wood has fallen from the trees, making your home’s chimney a very appealing alternative solution for a woodpecker nest. We have developed several cunning, monetarily sound, effective and proven methods to eliminate woodpecker drumming and damage. If these inexpensive methods do not work, we know exactly what to do next. We try to treat your pocket book as though it was our own. In many cases our final woodchuck control solutions may be less expensive than repairing the damage that these jackhammers with wings have inflicted upon your largest investment. So put away the pellet rifle and bb gun – you are gonna’ shoot your eye out! There are smarter ways to remedy all the damage caused by federally protected woodpeckers – no mothballs or fox urine required. We are wildlife management professionals and we’ll set your mind at ease.

Home Damage from Woodpeckers Utilized by Squirrels as Well  Woodpecker Pecking on Tree  Woodpecker Entering Hole Damage

Above Photos: Woodpeckers can create some serious holes in siding, chimneys and trees. In the above photo to the left, you’ll notice a large hole which started with a woodpecker, then, squirrels took advantage of the opportunity and moved in, later followed by raccoons. The progression from birds to raccoons in the home happens frequently because the bird activity attracts the squirrels, then the raccoons and so on.

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