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Wildlife Management Credentials

The Wildlife Whisperer's outstanding reputation in the wildlife control industry is backed by over 30 years hands-on experience working with wildlife and the proper credentials and knowledge to ensure the job is done right.
Our service brings with it a variety of backgrounds, and includes not only professionals with college degrees but also those with many years of hands on experience - the kind of experience that a degree alone just can't provide. This combination of knowledge and experience is hard to find, and it allows us to provide our clients with the outstanding service they deserve.
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Ned Bruha, President

Ned Bruha, owner and manager of The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc., has a unique 30 years of scouting, tracking, and wildlife control experience. This experience can't be replaced by any college degree, and without it, a wildlife management professional is not as effective.
Ned Bruha, a qualified wildlife control professional safely removing a copperhead snake.
Ned Bruha, a properly trained and
certified wildlife control professional
safely removing a copperhead snake.
This experience is equivalent to a P.H.D. in Wildlife Management via The University of Hard Knocks. It's this experience that has made Ned Bruha the ethical naturalist and conservationist he is today - a "different, conservationist breed of sportsman". Friends consistently say "Bruha, you have always been a "bunny hugger", you just did not know it because you were offended by the label. You were just raised with different ethics surrounding nuisance wildlife".
It is precisely these ethics combined with Ned's hands on experience that makes The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. one of the very best humane wildlife control services in the United States.

Credentials & Certifications

Hands on wildlife control experience should be a must have credential for any wildlife professional you hire. However, it is also important that they have the other proper professional wildlife credentials and organizational membership affiliations as well.
Ned Bruha's own wildlife professional credentials include:
IWRC Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator
Fall, 2008 Texas Animal Control Association Convention; invited speaker for humane solutions and options for animal control officers.
Graduate of The National Wildlife Damage Management Academy.
Certified Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator, (NWCO).
Bat Conservation International Certified Bat Exclusion Expert, (BCI).
Certified Bird Control Specialist, (BCS), and a Bird Barrier Approved installer.
One million dollars of business insurance to protect you, your property, and your family.
Other awards and credentials include The Entrepreneurial Spirit Award and extensive media coverage including television shows, newspaper articles and appearances and interviews as a premier expert humane wildlife management professional. Ned Bruha is also a lifetime member of the NRA and a contributing photographer to the University of Nebraska Internet Center for Wildlife Damage. In addition, Bruha served over four years in the U.S. military including serving overseas in Afghanistan and as a member of the team responsible for training President Hamid Karsai's Palace Guards and the new Ministry of Defense Soldiers.
Wildlife Whisperers Ned Bruha has the credentials and background you need to solve your wildlife problems the humane way. If you are in Southwest Florida and you want to compare apples to apples, you cannot. We are unique. If you are not in one of our service areas please browse our techniques page to learn how to choose a wildlife professional in your area including a list of questions to ask a prospective service.
The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. is unique in Florida. The Wildlife Whisperer currently has people on staff trained to be wildlife rehabilitators at a state and/or national level of recognition via training classes and hours of hands-on experience.
certification document for wildlife rehabiliation
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