Ned Bruha, The Skunk Whisperer TV Series

Formerly Known As, And Seen Below, As The Skunk Whisperer

After repeatedly being approached and chased by television producers, in 2009 Ned Bruha was excited when he thought that he had finally found a television network he could be proud to be part of. Ned Bruha thought that he signed a contract with the "education-filled for the entire family" Discovery network and Animal Planet. He was mistaken. In 2009, Animal Planet changed their programming to focus on scripted drama and making money vs. their original mission of educating their audience about animals.

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The Story Behind The
Animal Cruelty Planet Debacle

Eight episodes of Ned Bruha, The Skunk Whisperer, repeatedly aired worldwide, but it was not the "American wildlife-saving Okie-Irwin" that producers promised, rather, reality TV trash. Because of the way The Skunk Whisperer®'s ethics and morals were edited and destroyed in Animal Planet's editing room, Bruha could not wait for the show to stop airing. Sadly, each year, and again as early as 2015, it has aired.

According to Animal Planet's Keith Hoffman, Executive Producer and Jason Carey, VP of Production Bruha's show, titled "Ned Bruha, Skunk Whisperer", was unique in several ways. They stated that Bruha's show skipping the pilot phase and going straight to series was "unheard of" for any show and that Bruha "had a tighter contract and more pay than Steve Irwin and was more difficult to work with than Mike Tyson".

Bruha put his foot down and said "If you want fake, illegal, set-up scenes and dramatic trash, get out of Oklahoma and go film Billy the Exterminator because I will not allow it here." Keith Hoffman said, "We are storytellers and we have the right to tell these stories", whereas Bruha believes that their stories indirectly instill fear of animals and trade animal lives for Animal Planet Executives' salaries. With three years of on again and off again filming and 3 different production companies that Bruha refused to work with due to their unethical and illegal demands, Discovery finally stopped filming and left town. That fall, "Animal Cruelty Planet" started airing "Ned's show" world-wide.

As a company, The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc. spent more business and personal money on trying to stay afloat, attorneys, trying to shut down production and stop airing the TV series as they ever made on the show.

During the last telephone conference call with Bruha; Keith Hoffman, along with Jason Carey and Patricia Kollappallil, Senior VP of communications and talent relations of Animal Cruelty Planet, all chuckled when Hoffman said, "We did exactly what you told us to do, Ned, and we have a show about it coming out at the same time your show airs. You said we should go and find some wild man who had fewer teeth, a lower overhead and IQ and would take money to stage scenes with animals and do things you do not consider to be right. It will likely be a huge hit and take yours off the air." Bruha replied, "Thank you, we don't want our show to air; and if you finally got to film what we refused to do, rest assured, it will be your network's downfall".

Enter "Turtle Man, Call of the Wild Man" TV series on Animal Planet - please note all of the articles exposing animal cruelty featured below, which illustrate laws being broken and other infractions against wildlife under Animal Planet's watch and obvious encouragement.

Please read further regarding the producers deceptive editing tactics and how you can help discourage such practices in the future.

Also, please read the section below about other stars' experiences with the network regarding their own shows in our articles speaking out against animal planet practices section to learn more about what others have also been through with the network. The letter posted by Skunk Whisperer®, Inc., President Betsey Bruha is also a must read regarding how we feel about the show and the actions of it's producers.

The Impact And False Impressions Created By Deceptive Editing

What was supposed to be an educational show for the family to enjoy fell victim to deceptive editing techniques by the show's post production team. This deceptive editing was done without The Skunk Whisperer®'s knowledge or approval. The impact of this editing was devastating, creating false impressions, putting words in Ned Bruha's mouth that were never uttered, and even endangering the lives of both animals and people. On October 4, 2013, Ned Bruha posted a detailed look at just how and why these episodes were so deceptive, as well as a look at the negative impact had by each. It is a must read for anyone who saw the show, cares about wildlife or is considering getting into the world of reality TV.

January 2015 Animal Planet Press Conference

In a press conference on Jan 15, Rich Ross, the new President of Discovery said "fake programming has run its course, and is not right for us". Sadly, the network still airs fake, overly scripted shows with strict adherence to storyboards and is nothing like the pre-2008 home of Steve Irwin, education and family fun. Because of this, we will continue to update and post stories about the Discovery network's fake programming. A few of the production companies that Hoffman and Carey "hand picked" to create "The next Steve Irwin" include a producer of a show advocating felony animal cruelty; Superfine Films, and Goodbye Pictures.

How You Can Be A True Voice For The Animals

You can get involved and be a true voice for the animals by writing or calling the Discovery network's Ethics Hotline to complain.

invitation to speak out for the animals

Letter From The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc. President

As posted on Facebook, November 22, 2011

"As President of The Skunk Whisperer, I would like to say a few words.

Ned does not feel comfortable with his niece watching "Ned Bruha: Skunk Whisperer" on Animal Planet. The same goes with the folks at church with which Chris and his family are associated. None of them are comfortable with children watching the show in general.

4,000 of you were Skunk Whisperer fans before our show began airing. To you, our clients, our family, friends and everybody else – on behalf of our real Skunk Whisperer Tulsa and Oklahoma office owners and employees, Wild Heart Ranch and crew, I would like to sincerely apologize for all of the vulgar language and behavior being exposed to on "Ned Bruha: Skunk Whisperer" on Animal Planet. Our goal was to make the show educational. Some of that DID come through, and we are very happy about that.

Through TV, we saw a fantastic opportunity to educate the world about non-traditional, more humane, no-trap, no-kill methods allowing wildlife to safely co-exist with humans. However, certain actions and behavior on the show have been shocking, overwhelming, hurtful and infuriating, not to mention extremely stressful. Most of all, we are fearful that the general public sees things such as sleeping in a customer's backyard or openly urinating on a customer's lawn (a sexual registry crime) as the way we truly operate. We would fire an employee on the spot for doing a mere fraction of what was shown on the show.

Stormy was employed by production and was doing exactly what he was paid to do. You can hear beeps when Ned is talking and see Ned laughing about Stormy riding a pony, whereas, Ned was actually not there at that time. Editing made it appear as if he was laughing in approval. Ned has received death threats because of his beliefs about wildlife control. Yet he continues to stand up for what he believes in; Ned's integrity is second to none. Annette had one of her orphaned fawns that she was raising killed by gunshot multiple times to the heart right at her doorstep. Not everybody approves of our methods. As our methods are more and more recognized by the general public, they may threaten traditional wildlife control methods and the living of those practicing them.

In summary, the type of behavior I mentioned is not reflective of our business models and our missions, and is simply not tolerated, yet we cannot control what is filmed, edited, and being shown on TV.

As of now, and until the air clears, your posts on this page will be seen by nobody, including us. Comments will be seen by everybody and monitored. If you want to give constructive feedback for our TV series, please send an email and we will forward to Discovery. We have not seen one letter sent to Discovery or Animal Planet."


Betsey Bruha, President
The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc.
Truly humane wildlife removal & prevention, done right the first time


Articles Speaking Out Against
Animal Planet Practices

Articles condemning shows that Animal Planet executives Keith Hoffman, Jason Carey and Patricia Kollappallil are proud of ...


Press Releases & Media Coverage Prior To The Show

The show and the events surrounding it were covered by several news agencies, particularly in the beginning before the show began production.

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